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Where Do You Share Your Horror or Erotic Fiction?

I Write Horror And Erotic Fiction, But Sharing My Links Is Getting Harder.

By Carol TownendPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Where Do You Share Your Horror or Erotic Fiction?
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There has been a lot of emphasis on protecting vulnerable adults and children from certain content on social media.

I agree this is the right thing to do, but it is having an impact on creatives who write fictional horror.

I understand that works and images associated with the genre can affect some people, but horror has been around for many years.

There doesn't seem to be an issue with horror being shown on television or Netflix

The 'watershed' rule is a policy that most television outlets have adopted, however, children can still access horror at any time on television and media.

They can still access it easily on Netflix. They can still walk into some shops and buy the books.

In the age of social media, it is getting harder for adults to share their adult stories, not just in horror but sexual fiction.

Many places have sensitive content warnings which are now used on Twitter and Facebook

This means that some pictures that are gory or deemed inappropriate cannot be seen until a person clicks the link. However, in some cases; they ask you to confirm that you are over eighteen but do not ask for any age identification.

This means that vulnerable people and children can still click the link.

These warnings are useful in some respects because they warn people about the content being shown which allows them to make an informed choice about what they want to view.

However, some pictures and images may not be overly graphic, yet still lead to graphic text.

There are adults who live in our society creating fiction and stories of all kinds, but like me, they are finding it harder to share a horror story.

There are also some teen programs that may be unsuitable for young generations that are overly graphic, yet can be accessed anywhere and without warning on the web should they want to find out about it.

Some of these shows such as Sex Education are educational and have an age rating on them.

However some young children are still able to access this show, and while it is generally down to the parents. There are still ways in which they can access them through certain media.

Halloween is a film that is rated 18 in the U.K. where I live, yet many children who are younger, even today have seen this film.

They can also download erotic and horror fiction from Amazon.

Their age is not even questioned.

The point is that adults are different from children. They have more mature interests.

Not all adults who like watching horror, sex, thrillers, and other genres are unsensible or irresponsible around their children, though some media outlets are still irresponsible, despite the rules.

I write erotic fiction, horror, thrillers, and children's novels, and I am a parent. However, when my children were younger, I knew how to set boundaries about what they read or viewed with respect to their ages.

One thing that I did learn, is parents cannot always see what their children are accessing, because of certain mobile devices, and the fact they often see friends of parents who don't respect age limits means they can access them without parents knowing.

These complicated social media rules, which I must point out have been put in place to protect vulnerable people and adults have made it harder for adult writers to share their content.

When we add a sensitive media warning to our books or stories, many adults won't view them on social media.

While I respect the rules for protecting vulnerable people and children; it is making it harder to get some of my content views.

I'd like to know from other creators, where do you share your horror or erotic fiction stories, other than Amazon?

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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydred2 months ago

    I do have an alter ego for Filthy Stuff on Vocal but I do find most of it very tame. And I prefer horror to not be too explicit, like erotica, but I do publish again in the Vocal Horror community and on my blog. Your piece does raise many good issues. If you want to check out my alter ego , I am not very prolific

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