When You Just Want to Scream!

by Lizzy Arrow 2 years ago in advice / career

Sometimes you just want to scream but the only way to do so is by writing. Have you thought about what it must be like for a writer who has lots going on in their mind, yet the things on their mind are stopping them from putting pen to paper?

When You Just Want to Scream!

In this journal, you will find yourself on a chase throughout the journal. It tells the tale of the journey that once used to be lived in. Now come. Come and read. Read for yourselves what it's like to live in a writer's head. Everyone thinks writers don't get a writer's block, that's not true, everyone has those days. I've had one too many of them this week, the week of the 10th July 2017.

Let me begin with how I grateful I am to you for coming and reading my blogs and their stories; your care and love to read them gives me great courage to continue writing, even if I'm having a bad day for some odd reason or another. So far this week I have managed to get some of my blogs done on time, which is a success most weeks. I've been so stressed out with other things. All I wanted to do is scream because I couldn't get what I wanted done, to the point that I actually wanted to give up trying to live my dream of being a writer. Everything around me felt like it was closing in, to the point that I was questioning if I actually want to make this a success or not.

I know it's not going to be a permanent frame of mind when you have a writer's block; when you have so many other things going on in your head, all you want to do is scream, shout, give up and even to punch somebody. Writer's block is completely familiar to everyone who writes; as I've just mentioned my mind just wants to give up and it shows a whole different side of you that no one actually see’s. They see someone being successful in their craft or hobby.

I'm quite surprised that I managed to come up with this blog on Wednesday 12th July 2017. The day I had that day. I couldn't even tell you if I tried. Whilst I was trying to work on my blogs, I was trying to sort out things with my friend Caspian and having an argument, trying to push him away and whatnot. To be honest he's not giving up on me that easily.

The best thing about Caspian is that no matter how much I try to push him away, he knows how much I'm fighting my demons. He believes in me no matter how much I want to be left alone. To be able to talk to him about things can clear my head from writer's block. Then I look at what views I have on each blog website, then say "actually, what am I doing. I shouldn't give up on this. I need to believe in myself, to be able to think I can do this; I'm going to carry on with this and take down the writer's block one way or another, to remind myself what the blogs are good for and what other people say or think that I may have to offer."

This is one of the reasons I have writer's blocks" when I battle my demons. I think that I'm not good enough, until someone close to me says no you're wrong. It's like them saying "I'm not abandoning you because of what you have or what has happened to in the past; you're the reason why I love you, because you have the passion to do something in life, I want to help you get through the pain barrier first."

All you have to do is not give up on yourself; find your strong hardcore man or woman who believes in you no matter what. I hope this helps you guys.

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