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When she delivered babies in our kitchen

Wasn't the best place for delivery but I love her.

By KomalPublished about a year ago 3 min read
When she delivered babies in our kitchen
Photo by Alicia Petresc on Unsplash

This is a story from my personal life experience. Being a cat mom, I can understand my love for the cute faces of animals. Even though I am not fan of dogs as much as cats but I still understand the love between a dog and its owner. Not only this but I genuinely respect a person who loves any animal, even a hamster 🐹. I believe they are so cute, their cute chubby cheeks filled with food 😭

For 2 years, my family and I have been taking care of a stray cat who daily visits our house for food. Fortunately, every time we had something for her to eat. This gave her a habit of course. For a year, she always hissed at us, even me, therefore we never dared to touch her because we didn’t want her to bite us.

But after a year of this habit, she slowly became really nice and affectionate. I still remember, how surprised I was when she wanted me to pet her and wanted back rubs. I was too scared because I never touched her before since she never allowed me to. This built a relationship between her and my entire family including me. There hasn’t been a day in 2 years if she didn’t visit. I think she loves us as much as we do (of course she loves us for food 😄)

3 months ago we started noticing that she started growing her belly, and looked really fat, that was the day we discovered she is pregnant. Even though I did her pregnancy photoshoot. Look at the picture below, I captured of her.

Photo by Author

The day she was about to deliver her babies, we kind of knew it because she was being so annoying which was okay of course. She kept meowing and asking for food but wasn’t interested in eating them. Even though we get really good quality cat food since we just got a Persian cat as a pet, named Elsa (The interaction of our pet cat and stray cat is a different story).

But finally, after winning so much she left, and we didn’t see her for the next 24 hours. We were sure that she is delivering her babies somewhere.

Little did we know, she was delivering babies in our kitchen.

Probably not the best place to deliver babies but maybe that was her safe zone.

She loved us but always wanted to remain as a stray cat since she was too frightened to enter our home, and we never forced her either. But upstairs we have an extra kitchen which we don’t use, it is also kind of messed up and out of order, this kitchen has an exhaust fan opening in the top of its wall. This cat decided to enter that kitchen through that opening and deliver her babies in our kitchen cabinet. The cabinet was also left open since it was out of order. We discovered that her babies are in our kitchen cabinet after 3 days of her delivery.

Now it has been a month since she delivered her babies. She had 4 babies. Two of them are of beautiful dark color, one is full ginger and one is exactly like its mom (black, orange, white mixed).

This is dark colored one.

Look at that cute face 😭. All of them have blue eyes. They turned one month old today. Not only their mom but the babies trust us too now. I am grateful for their trust. They are so cute and amazing. Literally, God-gifted.

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