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What To Do When Things Go Crazy

The Inevitability Of Life And Making It Through It Consistently

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published about a month ago 3 min read
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I'm Human, just like you.

(At least... I'm assuming you're Human too, feel free to correct me!)

Life has this seemingly unending ability to inevitably go Crazy.

Things are happening all over the place, you feel like you're juggling, and you forget what day it is or what you were just doing.

I just had one of those moments right now where my Brain just said, "Woah!"

It's bound to happen.

The good news is that it is completely normal, and you're just Human.

With that good news, there are several things we can do to get through to the other side of the Craziness and do it Consistently.

The first thing?


It is Underrated, but Purposefully slowing down our Breathing, only doing Nose Breathing, with a slightly longer Exhale than Inhale, is a powerful tool.

Usually, as things "feel" Crazy, our reaction is to become consumed by the Craziness.

It's adding Stress on top of the Stress caused by whatever is occurring.

But by purposefully Breathing, we can actually both Reduce our Overall Stress as well as make the Craziness "feel" less Crazy!

In our Burnt-Out world, this is a game-changer.

Then, we can simply Accept whatever Craziness is happening.

Part of what causes the Chaos of Life to feel worse is that we try to "Reject" it.

As we "Reject" the Reality of the Chaos, it creates a Gap between what we would "rather" have and what truly "is".

The larger that Gap becomes, the worse our Dis-Stress becomes.

But, if we simply Accept the Craziness, and recognize it "is" what is here "for now", we Psychologically decrease that Gap.

As the Gap becomes smaller, so too does the "Craziness" not feel that bad.

There's a Quote from Star Wars: Legacy that has stuck with me for many years that gets at this.

"We take what is given." - Kol Skywalker

Sometimes we get a bad hand in Life.

We can choose to complain about it and make it worse by doing so, or we can figure out what to do with it.

Often, the latter choice creates Future Opportunities.

The third thing we can do is to Find Enjoyment in the Craziness.

I know it might "sound" counter-intuitive, but usually, there are many things that can bring us pure Enjoyment within the Craziness.

This often goes back to Focus.

What we Focus on, we Find more of.

If we are Focusing on how "Awful" the Craziness may feel, we will find more things in Life that "feel" Awful.

Our Brains kind of work like a Google Search in this respect, and it is AMAZING at Finding EXACTLY what we ask it for.

If we tell our Brain to Focus on what's Awful, it will give you EVERYTHING it can find that is Awful!

However, we can change this to our Benefit if we are Crafty.

Instead of looking for the "Awful", tell the Search Engine to Look for the "Enjoyment".

Then, with our Focus on the Enjoyment, our Brains begin to spit out Search Results about ALL of the wonderful things we have to Enjoy in Life!

There is a reason you often hear about people who have "Everything" feeling Life is Awful, while often people with "Less" feel Life is Great.

They have different Searches going on in their Brains.

This brings us to the Final thing to do - Focus your Efforts on What's Important Now.

A fun way to Remember this one?

What's Important Now = W.I.N.

Usually, when Craziness occurs, people lock into whatever is Loudest.

The problem though is that what is "Loudest" usually is not Important, not even in the slightest.

So instead, when Craziness hits, you should look at everything you "can" do, but only Focus on What's Important NOW.

If something "will" become Important, but isn't NOW, stop putting Energy into it Now.

If it's not Important at all, get rid of it.

You can delegate it, or just simply don't do it at all!

It is alright to simply say "no" to things that have no Importance.

Whatever is not Important now, get it out of your Head.

Put it on a piece of paper, on a dry-erase board, in a note on your phone, or wherever you want to return to later.

As long as it is out of your Head, and away from your Eyes until you have completed What's Important Now.

When you combine these together, you'll find that even when "Craziness" strikes, it will barely Impact you, and others will become Mystified by how you seem to "Keep It Together" and make so much Progress.

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  • Ayumi27 days ago

    I love the acronym, “W.I.N” What’s Important Now. Clever 👏

  • Sharikaabout a month ago

    Well written, fantastic job!

  • Lana V Lynxabout a month ago

    Back to say congrats on earning the TS status!

  • Natasha Collazoabout a month ago

    Yes, that's why when a person overreacts in public i always want to be like, is the world really ending? LOL Life happens and there's ways to by pass that time. breaaath,cry, release lol

  • Ed Heerkensabout a month ago

    Congratulations on top story!

  • Marie Wilsonabout a month ago

    W.I.N - yes! Thanks for the advice, well written and so relevant in these "Crazy" times!

  • L.C. Schäferabout a month ago

    Another Star Wars quote, "your focus determines your reality" 😁

  • Lana V Lynxabout a month ago

    Great advice, as always. I’m slowly learning how to free my mind from things that are not important.

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