What's My Life Post-Creators Like?

It's been fun and an amazing learning experience.

What's My Life Post-Creators Like?

Since Oct. 25, 2017, I'd bid my farewell to those I'd met during my time at Creators Media. The followers, the colleagues, the editors, and, ultimately, my first paid writing gig. A gig that allowed me to learn more about myself as a writer more than ever before.

During my time there, I had learned proper editing, proper search engine optimization, interviewing, and even formatting. After all, I'd been a blogger, a self-taught blogger, and artist to be quite honest. But often I get asked a rather casual, but natural inquiry: What am I doing as a writer these days?

To be quite honest, I've continued on with my career, hobby, and interest as a paid writer. I've found myself contributing my time to websites such as AppTrigger, GameRevolution, and even CraveOnline when I'm not busy running Blast Away the Game Review. I've continued my time enjoying a few good laughs, gaming with my pals, and even writing scripts for YouTube videos.

My transformative experience at Creators Media, Inc. led me to learn my importance as a writer, my importance in helping others learn about games, discuss them, and understand the interactive media platform itself. Let alone have I remained busy doing such things, I've even consistently aided others with their mental health, offering them an ear to use, and an open mind as they discuss their depressive state with me.

And so, the games begin.

[Credits: Blast Away the Game Review]

In some ways, you can consider my work a way to help connect with those wanting someone to talk to or even an unbiased opinion about the games they are looking for reviews about. Since those days, I've published countless articles with FanSided as a publisher, I've continually worked on growing the viewer base for content on YouTube and I've even worked as hard as possible to see just where my works would go.

Luckily, I've found a small home here at Vocal and I am truly excited for the opportunity to produce new content for you all to read. Whether it's about mental health, video games, lifestyles or even a small bit about the foods I enjoy. In turn, it's my time to give back to the community, it's my time to open channels of discussion that weren't there before.

In truth. It's my time to help those that need helped and to learn to make new friends within this amazing community. I want to give a huge thank you to Vocal for allowing me to come on board and I want to give you all a huge thank you as well for taking your time to read the words I write.

So lets get seated, let's buckle up, and let's get ready for one heck of a ride.

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