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Streamer, Interrupted: Japanese Gamer Hit By 6.9-Magnitude Earthquake, Continues Playing Pokémon. What A Legend

Kai Hamano was sorting through his inventory for the new 'Pokémon' games when he began to feel the tremors.

By Dustin MurphyPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

When it comes to the world of Pokémon, we're all used to the Earthquake ability. It's one of the mainstays for many of the Fighting type and serves a heck of a purpose. Unfortunately for one Japanese #Twitch streamer who goes by the name of Kaihama, he got more than he bargained for when he felt the full wrath of the 6.9-magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan's main island Honshu.

Kai Hamano was sorting through his inventory for the new Pokémon games when he began to feel the tremors. During his stream the hilarity begins as viewers start suggesting he flee Japan using a #Gundam. That's before Hamano exclaims, “Oh my God, it’s going to be big.”

Luckily for Hamano, the epicenter of the earthquake was 150 miles away from where he lives in central Tokyo. We're glad he's safe and he was able to go straight back to his game after confirming the earthquake indeed did happen. And he was even challenged to a battle.

Nice one, Hamano. Nice one!


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