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By Brian Wong Published 3 months ago 3 min read

Life is like a play, some life is as colorful as a drama, and some life is like a puppet show full of misfortune.

What kind of life is lucky? What kind of life is happy?

If you are walking on the road and look around, who do you think is happy? Who is unfortunate?

If you softly ask a beggar who sits on the ground all day long, he may say that happiness is not having to hold a bowl to ask for alms from others every day, not having to look at other people's eyes and living in a hazy life, and not having to look at other people's clothes. The clothes are gorgeous and luxurious, but he is only in patches... Maybe - he feels that happiness is still far away.

If you gently ask a student who is rushing to school with a schoolbag on his back, what is happiness? What counts as happiness?

He would also say - happiness is not having to pick up your schoolbag and rush out just to avoid being late, not being busy with homework or endless assignments, being able to have fun every day without having to worry about not passing the exam the next day...

Maybe - he felt that happiness was yet to come.

If you ask yourself: Dear self, are you happy? How would you answer?

Happiness is a mystery. If a thousand people answer it, there will be a thousand different answers.

In my eyes, happiness cannot be described in words, it can only be experienced slowly and carefully.

Happiness is not the accumulation of happiness, but the continuation of a state. Happiness - in your heart, it is a warm, sweet feeling, as refreshing as the fragrance of flowers.In fact - happiness is very simple.

Happiness is when you stop on the runway and your face is red, and someone asks you if you are okay; when you are sitting there holding your stomach and your face turns pale, someone asks you what's wrong; when you keep touching your lips with your tongue, someone asks you Ask if you are thirsty.

Happiness is - someone cares about you and pays attention to you all the time.

Happiness is when the temperature suddenly drops in the middle of the night, someone gently adds more clothes and quilts to you; when you shut yourself in the room and get angry secretly, someone gently calls you to eat and take a bath; when you put on your schoolbag and prepare to go out , someone told you to be careful on the road.

Happiness is - someone is thinking of you and thinking about you every moment.

Happiness means that when I can't see you, I can comfort myself like this: It's enough to think about you quietly like this; happiness means hanging on to you and holding you, even if you're not around; happiness means no matter how windy it is outside

No matter how heavy the rain is, you will always know that there is a hot cup of coffee waiting for you at home.

Don't complain about the distance of happiness, don't complain about the absence of happiness. In fact, happiness is all around us, it hides silently in your heart,

The answer to happiness is right next to you.What is happiness? Everyone’s answer will be different.

The answer of "happiness" lists two other people's answers. One is a beggar on the street, and the other is a student in a hurry.

The happiness of the former is out of reach, and the happiness of the latter has not come. Among these answers, happiness seems

It is a rare treasure.

In fact, it is not the case. In the author's own answer below, we can see another look of happiness: happiness is attention, happiness is concern, and happiness is missing.

These blessings infiltrate into our lives little by little, and they need to be listened to and remembered by caring people. From this point of view, happiness is not hard to come by, as long as you work hard, you will get it.


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