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What Does a Blogger Even Do?

A blogger telling you what she does.

What Does a Blogger Even Do?

I literally get asked this question every single day. I have been blogging since I was seventeen and in high school, a lot of my mates had no idea what it was that I was doing, I have been explaining what it is that I do for a long time, and people seem to still not understand the term ‘blogger.’ Being a student who is studying fashion journalism, it has actually become much easier to explain what it is that a blogger really is.

Blogging, for me, started off as a hobby and eventually turned into a career and into a passion. I swear if I got a dollar for every person who asked me ‘what does a blogger even do’ I would probably have enough money to feed at least half of my shoe addiction. When I started my blog in high school I enjoyed writing about school as a high schooler and sharing random thoughts on life as a teen really hilarious posts, but as I got older and started university, my content and my interests shifted more into fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and my writing became better.

As a blogger, sometimes it really does feel like you are blogging and sharing your thoughts to nobody and it feels like nobody is really interested in the bog. Being a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger is a lot more complicated as it seems, there is a lot of time that goes into it and making sure that the content you create is relatable, upbeat, and fresh for your readers. Being a blogger, it is important to be relatable and be one with your readers and keep them intrigued, because them being constantly intrigued and interested feeds into our narcissist side, but not only does it feed into our narcissistic side it makes us want to create better blog posts.

Blogging isn’t only about sharing beautifully taken images, but making sure that the article or story shared with those images is well written and speaks to the reader as well. People seem to only attach the term blogger to fashion bloggers not knowing that there are so many variations of bloggers, from food bloggers to travel bloggers, the blogging sphere is endless and literally anybody can be a blogger with the right content and obviously intriguing writing. It is important to be real and honest and share just enough for your readers.

My blog shares content on different things from fashion to travel and that’s how I manage to keep my readers intrigued and interested in my blog. So for everyone who wants to know what we bloggers do, we share different stories and content and our interests with everybody but really nobody and we’re unaware narcissist, because we constantly talk about US and what WE think about everything unaware and unconsciously doing so but still being relatable to the reader thus keeping them interested.

A lot of the time people think blogging is about that stats and numbers and how many people you can reach with every post, you could reach a large number of people and your post will have no influence or impact on them and you reach a minimal people and your post could impact them and influence their thinking, and that’s what blogging is for me being able to influence and impact people with a single post and keep them interested.

People in general and especially in my country (South Africa) still haven’t properly understood what it is that we bloggers do and they are generally more familiar with a fashion blogger than other categories in the blogging sphere. For me it has always been important to stay true and grounded in the content I share because in doing so answering the question ‘what does a blogger even do’ has become easier to answer (getting a dollar would still be much better though). I really do hope more and more people familiarize themselves with the blogging industry as whole and understand it.

If you are interested in seeing some of the content on my blog do check it out, I will share the link below and with my social media details. Thank you for reading this post


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