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What Contributes To Your Writer’s High?

There Are a Number of Things That Gets Me Buzzed

By Jason ProvencioPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

I have to say, there isn’t much more in this life that gets me off more than writing a great piece. It is fun, exciting, and can chill me out faster than damn near anything. Writing is like a drug with no negative side effects.

Admittedly, I’m not the most experienced person with drugs. Though I’m no Molly Mormon, I do enjoy my vino, for the health benefits, witty comebacks, and sweet dance moves. I’ve also experimented with marijuana in the past.

What is it with that term, “I experimented with…”? That’s the dumbest saying out there. Either you lit that shit up and smoked it or you didn’t. I guess the experiments were a success because I’ve been higher than the balls on Shaquille O’Neal.

But that’s the total of my experience with drugs and alcohol. I’ve never even taken mushrooms before. And I don’t even count weed as a drug. It’s not the same as doing cocaine, meth, or heroin.

However, writing is Numero Uno. I’d rather be under the influence of my words and get a sudden hit of dopamine from the results of writing something I truly enjoy. I love my writing. I’ll often reread something from months ago and laugh my ass off at it.

Here are the ways I feel that Writer’s High while walking the long road of my Writer’s Journey. Perhaps you can relate to some of these.

Writing Something I Laugh About Makes Me High

Anything hilarious in my writing is generally my favorite part of the blog.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll understand this. Humor writing is my favorite type of writing that I do. I love nothing more than a truly silly story.

I know I’m doing my best when I start laughing out loud while writing something funny. I’ll often find myself laughing again when I proofread it. I have the urge to send the silly parts to a friend to get their reaction to it.

This also happens if I read an older piece of mine. I’ll reread it to familiarize myself with it and often I’ve forgotten certain funny parts that have me cackling to myself. I truly enjoy laughter and silliness in writing.

Seeing a New Blog Taking Off Quickly Gives Me a Rush

I’m a notorious stat checker from way back. This started as a young baseball fan back in the 80s. I loved reading the sports page every morning and seeing how my favorite players fared in their games the day before.

Not much has changed in 35 to 40 years. I check the stats for my newest writing pieces almost immediately. I’ve gotten to the point where I can tell if a new blog is going to go over huge, do about average, or if it’s a slow mover.

Sometimes they take a minute to gain traction and I can be fooled. But I’m usually pretty accurate in my prediction of how they’ll end up doing within the first couple of hours of checking any given article.

Seeing those big ones take off and do well is amazing. I have a piece that I wrote about Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance that’s just hauling ass today. I love that feeling of validation when so many people are reading and commenting on one of my writing pieces.

I Love the Feeling of People Sharing My Article on Social Media

There really isn’t an easy way to share each other’s writing pieces here. Short of copying and pasting a link to one in the comments of someone else’s blog, we just often hope it’s being read and maybe tickling the Vocal algorithm’s balls in a favorable way.

But sometimes, my blogs get shared on other social media platforms. I don’t post my own too often, perhaps once or twice every few days on LinkedIn or Twitter. So it’s quite a jolt of euphoric pleasure when someone shares it on their account.

I’m very appreciative of someone taking time out of their busy day to share my art. It isn’t lost on me, the idea that with all of the articles people see online, the funny videos, silly memes, and whatever else they stumble across, they’re choosing to feature something I created. That’s better than any drug.

I Get Pleasure From Seeing Haters Lose Their Shit About My Blog

This might be hard to believe, but having someone go off on my writing brings me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. My initial thought of course is a mild annoyance, but then I quickly remember one thing:

There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

I love Howard Stern. He is loved by millions and hated by many others. I once heard that his average fan tuned into his show for approximately an hour and 20 minutes. When asked why, they said, “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

Then it was mentioned that the average Howard Stern hater listened to his show for an astounding two and a half hours. When asked why, if they hated Howard’s show, did they listen 2 1/2 hours a day, they replied: “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

I fucking love that example. I consider myself a Renegade Writer. I’m a bit rough around the edges and I use a bit of profanity. But I stand up for what I feel are the right things in life. I support marginalized groups of people and I hate racism and bigotry.

Shying away from controversial topics is not my style. I want to bring the heat and some spice while still being a good human being. The haters can kiss my ass, I’m going to keep writing the exact way I feel like doing it and get a hit of satisfaction each time I’m criticized for it.

What Gives You Your Writer’s High?

I’d love to hear what aspect of everyone’s writing they love the most. What gives you the biggest shot of euphoria regarding your writing? There are often numerous reasons we all spend so much time writing. Let’s hear what gets you off.

As for me, I gotta grab my writer’s wraps, sprinkle some of this top-shelf OG Kush onto them, lick and roll it tightly, and fire up the next bad-boy of writing pleasure for you all to spark up and enjoy. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ‘em. &:^)

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