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Vocalized: My Thoughts on Vocal, Creators & Inspiring Stories

by Corinne Jenkins 7 months ago in humanity

The Humanity of Vocal

Humanity is the human race, which includes everyone on Earth. It's also a word for the qualities that make us human, such as the ability to love and have compassion, be creative, and not be a robot or alien.

The quick google search above helps me set the premise for this story, and assists any reader who wants to understand my favorite publishing platform (although we all have seen movies where robots and aliens definitely possess humanity as well).

I am a content moderator for Vocal, and these are my thoughts so far:

Why does humanity come to mind when you hop on Vocal to read what creators have to say? The word 'humanity' can be a common tag used for a story, which is telling of the stories being submitted by our courageous creators; but humanity can also help detail Vocal as a platform itself.

As a moderator on Vocal, I see a lot of different stories. I read tales that take me to the intersection of science and science fiction. I've published recitals that live in the community for all things music, from instruments, to playlists, celebrities and beyond. I've enjoyed anecdotes that allow me to see the world from a different perspective, and so much more.

So what makes Vocal the type of platform that promotes humanity and that promotes kindness?

I would have to say it is the ever-growing mix of creators giving back to the people who work for Vocal and vice versa. It's an endless cycle of giving and receiving.

Moderators genuinely enjoy getting to read all these amazing stories. And we know many of the creators are grateful for all the behind-the-scenes work it takes to get these stories published. Whether it's the mighty moderators, the soldiers in customer service, our marketing gurus, the badass business analysts, the sharp operations warriors and every single human in between; each employee gives their all.

We love when creators tell us their vulnerable stories, when they submit their Good Deeds, or give their all to one of our other challenges we are running. It's a never-ending cycle of hope. Creators giving us hope through the cultivation and vulnerability of the stories they submit, and we get to read; then, moderators giving back to creators through curation and by acknowledging their hard work by making it a Top Story.

As a moderator, I've been brought to tears reading stories about others and their struggles and how they are strong enough to overcome them:

I've been overjoyed reading adorable stories that genuinely make me happy:

And I've been cheering on creators that just GET Vocal as a platform and truly enjoy using it:

Did you know that the staff of Vocal also write stories? I feel lucky to be a part of a team with members like these:

Nyasa Jackson:

Xenia David:

Jesse Hixson:

Justine Marks:

Joshua Johnson:

Jessica Wharton:

Robby Tal:

So, there you have it. What makes Vocal so special is the underlying theme of humanity; the feeling that you can safely express your thoughts and fantasies, and all the while everyone behind this platform is cheering you on. It's an unceasing loop of happiness.

Also, any creator that posts their stories that include gifs are some of my absolute favorites — please know that I enjoy you adding the extra fun!

So those are my two cents (ugh, could I be more cliché? — I need some lessons from Vocal creators on how to tie up my stories neatly). If you're still unsure about Vocal, watch this video below. It's one of my favorites.

Wait, I do know how to end this story.

The word 'Vocal' defined:

Relating to the human voice.

💕, Corinne


Corinne Jenkins

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Corinne Jenkins
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