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by URBAN GLAM LIFE 2 years ago in industry
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We were asked not too long ago to send some photos to a Black Female Influencer who wanted to support our movement. So we sent her the following photo’.

She asked me if we had any photos of models that looked more like her. When we say her, she meant black, ebony, woman of color.

In response I said yes we do but we don’t have any pics marketing our products yet as we are finding it difficult to “attract or recruit” black women who want to support “Urban Glam Life”.

Although it is nice to see campaigns on social media encouraging White people to support Black businesses, what about Black people supporting Black businesses.

Initially, we had set up to try and support Black and Ethnic Minorities in modelling and music. Unfortunately, we did not get the support so we made Urban Glam Life accessible to all. And this is the best thing we have ever done. By opening it to all we were now able to attract people of all backgrounds to get involved and help us grow.

Below I have given 2 issues I believe effect the Black community. You may not agree but this has been experienced in real life. So since it has been experienced it is important top try and find a solution to why this is happening to us and how to resolve it.

The problem in the Black Community is that being professional and speaking standard English is stereotyped as wanting to be “White”. Another form of Racism!

PROFESSIONALISM & MATURITY – In the world of business, if a person has a product you would like to buy, you pay for it. If you don’t have the money now, then return when you do. Some members of the Black community feel when the person does not have the money or simply does not want to pay for it and wants it for free, they adopt an aggressive and intimating nature, which results in no business at all and and end to any potential business relationship.

As a result any aggressive, controlling or violent behavior we experience will be reported to the Police immediately.

JEALOUSY & ENVY – They say “Cain was jealous of Abel”. What I mean by this is that it seems that members of the black community can become jealous when someone from their own community stumbles upon a good idea and wants to develop it. Although we are happy to be innovators and inspire people we have noticed members of the black community literally copy what we do to the tea. From our name to the way we write. This is not how you support Black businesses.

We have also experienced members of the black community start smear campaigns to spread rumors and gossip which have been untrue. Unfortunately for us it takes time for the truth to come to the light before people start to put 1 and 1 together to realize the lie or rumor has no foundation. For example it was rumored we recruit models under 16 years of age. This is not true and non of the women we showcase look like a Minor let alone be a Minor. These sort of rumors are vicious. As a result we introduced rules such as needing to be at least 18 to have access to our website and mature content. We also encourage female participants to be at least 21 years and over.

Now, what are your thoughts ?

I wanted to go into this article more but what i do not want to do is come across slagging the black community. As you read this I am Black myself, however, I feel working with my own community is the hardest of all.

For example

A clothed curvy ebony woman posted on our Instagram page @urbanglamlife will get 6 or 7 likes.

A near naked sexy ebony woman in a provocative or derogatory pose will receive thousands of likes.

But the black community will choose to highlight our post as inappropriate and praise the opposite.

DONATIONS – Urban Glam Life has been insulted by members of the Black community for asking for donations for the posts we write and the people we support. Although we have merchandise we do not sell them in the dozens. The little we sell simply goes back into paying for the costs of running our website in order to keep blogging including the electricity costs and the advertising we have to do from time to time. We can not do any media productions because we are still trying to raise a budget. If people don’t donate or buy our merchandise this becomes problematic for us because we are not funded any anyone.

The Message…

The message one is trying to communicate to the Black community is that we are our own worst enemy. If you put down a member of your Black community then you are part of this problem. There is no point screaming “Black Lives Matter” or “Black Business Matter” if you are the 1st to not support a Black owned-Business and try and hurt it with negativity and Spite. You only just perpetuating the cycle of hate which was started during the times of “Slavery”.

If you want to change the landscape, support Black Owned Business. Get involved in creative projects for the passion and wanting to support. Many careers have been launched when Black people come together to collaborate. There is no point over demanding from a Black person because it is very likely that that Black person has had to use the little he/she has to get it off the ground. Intimidation, threats and extortion does not help either.

I look at it like this. Help your Brother//Sister and in return they will be in a position to help you because they will have the means to.

Put your Brother/Sister down and how do you expect them to help you. You have practically contributing to destroying your own Black Community.

Food For Thought.


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Urban Glam Life is a brand I set up a few years ago and it has since been evolving into a platform that challenges social boundaries on the perception of Beauty, Body Positivity and For The culture. In short "accepting all body types".

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