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True or Just a Theory? A List of Vocal Misinformation

A few things to wonder about ...

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
True or Just a Theory? A List of Vocal Misinformation
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You may have the opportunity to prove me wrong as a creator and or just a reader hence these are nothing but theories. We have the option to contact the vocal support team but this is not the type of information you ask for is it? Besides this way we can keep it a mystery.

Previously published stories don't make "Top Stories"

None of my stories have made it as a top story yet but none of the stories I've read as top stories were previously published either. But hey, this may be nothing but a coincidence.

Previously published stories don't get bonuses

Unlike the top story tag I've received a few bonuses from Vocal media so far three that were due to the fact that the team liked my stories, at least that's what it said on my wallet. And, none of those were published elsewhere.

None Vocal related Stories get liked by the Vocal Team

Unless you write an interesting piece that either goes on the front page or gets to be published on any of Vocal's Social Media profiles you'll probably get a bonus if your story is about vocal or is in any relation to the platform. Like:


Stories that earned me bonuses because in one way or another the content had something to do with the platform.

Not every Story we publish is actually read

Until this day some of my stories don't have a single view, and as of 01/06/2021 which is exactly when I started writing this my most read story has only 21 views. Although most of the stories that have no views were previously published elsewhere the fact still remains.

author screenshot

This is something I hope following will resolve. We all know how important it is for us to share our own content but a little help from the platform wouldn't hurt right?

This post will be read by Vocal Staff

Every story is read by the vocal team that's more or less how order is kept around here and how certain content is prohibited from the platform. Is this allowed?

I haven't got a Top Story yet and Vocal Liked me Twice

Vocal liked two of my stories which I got bonuses for but I haven't made a top story yet... I thought they liked my stories. Vocal is misleading me. :)

Vocal's search bar doesn't always get you what you want

Some of my published stories don't show up if you search for them using the vocal search bar. #fact! Not every story under my profile is searchable. This

was published over 14 days ago but I cannot find this story by the title. I have at least three stories that don't show I might have more. Try some of yours as well.

The algorithm helps the vocal team when it comes to challenges

When it's time to review submitted stories or to shortlist a few, technology plays a part. Vocal has a lot of help... Probably!

You don't need to be a + member to be an ambassador

I received the email and was invited to the program before becoming a plus subscriber which is kind of odd. How am I to convince you into doing something I myself am not?

author screenshot

Look closely, you might have to zoom in but I received this email on the 29th of May. Fast forward...

author screenshot

I'm willing to give this program a try. I signed up using another creator's link. I now see myself playing the part. Fair enough?

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