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Fighting Writer’s Block: How To Keep Writing

The idea is to keep writing. But, what about ideas and inspiration?

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Fighting Writer’s Block: How To Keep Writing
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Before we define our specialty we play with a bit of everything, and with time, experience and desire we find ourselves a niche. It’s easier to stay up to date if we settle for one, maybe two or three things anything more than that makes it hard to focus on a single topic.

Not having a niche make things a bit hard but also comes with its advantages. I’d like to believe that personally I wouldn’t have a hard time finding things to write about if I wrote about anything. Can you imagine how much anything is everything, or at least something?


I don’t find writer’s block an enemy anymore because I’ve made some changes. Whatever made me write 3 to 4 months ago is no longer what fuels my desire today. I know a lot of us on Medium look at consistency as key and hope that eventually one or two articles blow up and you start making some real cash writing on this platform and that theory works for some.

Lately I’ve been writing out of desire if I don’t feel like writing I don’t do it. What I usually write about is part of my everyday life and my online experience so, I don’t just write because I have to but it’s a way to keep myself aware of what goes on online and I get to share my views and the info with the world. My personal writing has no deadlines, requires,dates or days.

I sometimes write two or more stories in a single day and at other times only cover a single story a week. I may produce 7 stories in a week when I feel like it and at other times do around five or less in a hole month. I don't see it a problem at the end of the day I must have a reason.

Putting together something to write about

If I felt like I wanted to write and didn’t know how or where to start I’d read a bit more. What I enjoy reading about is usually what I write about too. I don’t focus on the news around the world not exactly but I enjoy keeping myself up to date with information around Cyber Security and the internet in general.

So, to help me with content if I ever ran out or lacked some I’d read posts on websites like The Hacker News, they usually have what I like reading about and more. The Onion is also interesting, and although they don’t focus on Cyber Security I enjoy some of their stories as well.

We all go through writers block in our own ways and maybe some of us call it something it isn’t. It doesn’t happen to me often because unless I’m writing for someone else I never have to write it’s been more of a want situation for me.

When I want to write and can’t put it to words that’s when I look at it as a problem and that’s when I usually read, watch a video, play a game or whatever that usually gets me in the mood.

We all go through writer’s block in so many different ways which is why so many of these theories online don’t work. My block “I just gave it a name” is far beyond just writing, when I find myself in such a condition I quit or pause such activities and occupy myself with everything else that doesn’t really require much concentration. It’s emotional.

Find out why you need or want to write in the first place that should give you some direction if it’s something that you have to do you’ll end up doing it. Time is an important resource here I understand that but if you can leave your idea for another day do so it’s better than coming up with something you’re not OK with. What gets you writing, how do you fight writer’s block, do you ever feel like you have to stop?

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