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Introducing Vocal For Readers - A "What if" Situation

800k+ worth of content... I'm just saying

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Introducing Vocal For Readers - A "What if" Situation
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Vocal is made of 800k + creators choosing what to read is not just an option it's all you can do. We're here to serve. Vocal introduced recently the ambassador program which I believe will bring a lot of writers into the platform and most of them as "plus" subscribers. One of the features to come is "following", commenting and quick edits.

More than one huh? "One of", really? Anyway the challenges that Vocal hosts every month have played an important role, a lot of writers on the platform found out of Vocal's existence through ads on Facebook, Instagram and maybe Twitter.

The potential, the amazing prizes and the opportunity to be part of such a community makes Vocal what it is. But, vocal brings in writers and only writers to the platform... And, what about the readers?

Articles that do well may show up on Google and attract an interesting number of people but if Vocal created ads focused on readers who could enjoy reading amazing stories from over 800k writers this would be something too wouldn't it? Surely if you find out about me through an article of mine and decide to create an account you'll be able to read, like and eventually comment.

But, you'll have access to every tool every other creator has and eventually you might consider writing... Is that where vocal is going? Fact: Vocal cannot keep us from writing but the platform is not making room for anyone who isn't a creator.

Who's to read our work?

Everyone who isn't a creator because only creators have accounts.

Q: Can anyone create an account?


Q: Do we get to be called anything but creators?

A: Unfortunately we don't.

I know what you're thinking no one needs an account to read a story. But, guess what? You need an account to like a story and that's usually a creator too. A reader's account wouldn't be a bad idea, creators have the option to pay for a " plus" subscription and this has its advantages but what if every reader on the platform wasn't a writer? And, what if they had some advantages?

Writers are readers first and Vocal's focus is on writers or so it seems but what if they had something that only readers could benefit from? We're all looking into writing more and more but what if there was more to it?

Vocal for readers isn't a thing and probably won't be a thing anytime soon but it would be fun to come across an ad that gives you a few reasons why you should visit vocal and what to expect once that happens. An ad that still brings in something with a different approach. Either way money is made at the end of the day still.

Vocal might be an all in one platform but it doesn't really encourage readers into creating an account nothing on the platform says so.

A few things that would make a change

*Reading list* - This would help readers keep track of what they've been reading.

*Wish-list*/Saved/To be read* - Articles (stories) one wishes to read later. The option of saving a few stories for later. This may prevent us from losing or forgetting who the story belongs to or make sure we know where to find info. it is easier to keep track of stories if we have the option to save them.

*Recently viewed stories* - To keep us intrigued listing everything we go through but don't actually read which we might eventually.

Vocal would obviously come up with something better especially the naming and probably add more features for readers but as a reader myself if I wasn't here as a creator these are some of the things I'd enjoy using every now and then. And, I believe this would influence my reading experience on the platform.

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