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Tribute to Vocal.Media: A Love Affair with Words

Discovering Love Beyond Words: A Tribute to Vocal.Media

By Naveedkk Published 11 months ago 3 min read
A Love Affair with Words

As someone who proudly claims herself a bibliophile, reading has always been an essential part of my life. From the words on billboards to the intricate prose of a novel, every piece of writing has held a special place in my heart. Among the vast array of writers I have encountered, there was one who captured my attention like no other, and his work was hosted on the esteemed platform of Vocal.Media.

I still vividly remember the day I stumbled upon your writing. It wasn't a grandiose encounter like the fateful meeting of Celine and Jesse in "Before Sunrise," or the nostalgic connection between Dimas Suryo and Vivienne Deveraux in "Pulang." No, it was a simple day spent at my kakung's in Klaten when I found myself immersed in your words on one of the online platforms you frequented. As I reached the final paragraph, a smile naturally emerged on my face—a testament to the joy I experienced through your writing.

From that moment on, your work became an integral part of my reading list, alongside esteemed authors such as Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Aan Masyur, and Eka Kurniawan. Your writing spoke to me in ways that others couldn't, and I found solace in the stories you crafted. It became apparent that my admiration for your work was more than just an appreciation for your literary prowess; it was an affinity for you as a person.

Our paths intertwined unexpectedly, courtesy of the whimsical nature of the universe. We met and gradually grew closer with each passing day. To me, you became one of my dearest friends, someone I could confide in and share countless moments of laughter and contemplation with. We embarked on adventures, whether they were meals shared or moments of escape from the harsh realities of life.

Even during this time, I never ceased to read your writing. Whenever a notification appeared on my device, announcing a new post from you, I would drop everything and indulge in your words. But as time passed, I came to realize that my affection extended beyond your writing. It encompassed the essence of who you were as an individual. It was at that moment when I understood that I might be falling in love, not just with your writing but with you as a person.

Faced with this realization, I desperately sought a way to quell the whirlwind of emotions within me. I couldn't bear the weight of these feelings, which consumed my every thought whenever you entered my life, intentionally or inadvertently. Though I knew it was love, it wasn't the kind of love I was prepared to embrace. Determined to regain control over my heart, I took drastic measures. I blocked you on social media, deleted your contact information, and even confessed my feelings to you, hoping that your annoyance or anger would be enough to extinguish this burgeoning love. I did whatever it took to redirect my affection towards the solace of your writing, hoping to find comfort in it alone.

But then, the unimaginable happened. Years passed, and you ceased to write. The words that once brought me solace and nourished my soul disappeared from my life. Can you fathom the void that enveloped me during that time?

It felt as though the universe conspired to force me to relinquish my love for you entirely. Was this the answer to my prayers, a sign directing me towards a different path of love and affection? After years of longing, was it finally time to let go?

In the midst of my confusion, one thing became abundantly clear: the impact of Vocal.Media and the power of your writing in my life. Your words had the ability to evoke profound emotions, to ignite the spark of love within me. Though circumstances may have changed, the legacy of your writing remained etched in my heart.

So, as I reflect upon this journey, I offer my heartfelt tribute to Vocal.Media—a platform that introduced me to your captivating words and fostered a love affair with literature. It provided a space for writers and readers alike to connect, to share their passions and vulnerabilities through the written word. Through Vocal.Media, I found solace, inspiration, and, most importantly, a profound love for the art of storytelling.

To you, the writer who captivated my heart, I express my gratitude for the moments of enchantment your words brought into my life. Though we may have taken divergent paths, the impact of your writing remains imprinted on my soul. I will forever cherish the memories we shared, the conversations we had, and the silent connection we forged through your writing.

In the end, it was through the embrace of words, the delicate dance of sentences, and the pages of books that our lives intertwined. And for that, I will forever hold Vocal.Media dear to my heart.

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