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Transformation Reloaded

Making a Change

By Will BesawPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
I am ready to welcome in the new changes.

I'll be no longer using this site to continue to write a blog or continue with updates. This will be the last one and will entail all future plans in regards to this page as well as my other social platforms. I'm a creator at heart and have been informed most of my life of my gift with the pen. So I will be using it to write about topics that I care about as well as doing pieces on the charities that I support and have shared their links across my socials. For my vocal page that means some difficult topics may be discussed, but I will find a way to leave resources and tools to help any cope with any triggers that may come of it. Some topics that will be covered are addiction, mental health, abuse, trafficking, as well as those who are actively fighting against as well as ways in which you can help. I will be doing away with the updates of the blog and this will be the last one in this entry. My socials will be geared towards raising awareness for these topics and sharing my content. I will be streaming three days a week and will be sharing content related to the game I will be playing. I have been growing my gaming library and going through some changes as well as upgrading some tech. I have also been working a lot of hours at my day job. Which has been changing schedules a bit. I will still focus on streaming when I can but I will no longer be setting myself to a schedule, I have found it too difficult to keep to with my personal, and work life balance and the nature of my work. During my streams I will be in my voice chat in my discord so keep a look out. I don't wish to record those who don't wish to be so I will not have any voiceovers. But my discord will be a line for any of my followers to use as well as a place for them to gather. I am also going to be done with personal life updates on here. By the start of next year I will have another page on here as a travel blog with all my adventures that I am planning for my little and I, as well as any that I take for work. As far my twitch goes as it grows I may add more content such as cooking tutorials and watch parties. My TikTok will be used for when I am able to go live, so once you see my posting more there be prepared for an adventure sure to follow. YouTube will showcase my past streams, gaming music videos, or as my page grows any requested cooking tutorials. Facebook and Twitter will be the same as TikTok with promoting my twitch. With being on the go so much and a gamer, I will be switching between games on my Chromebook as well as mobile games that I play such as; a variety of games on Xbox game pass, NVIDIA Geforce for starters, Epic games is in the works as I have Kingdom Hearts 1-3 in my library, for mobile I play Dragon ball Legends, Pokemon GO, COD Warzone, One Piece Bounty Rush, Diablo Immortal, Hime's Quest, Fairy Tail Fierce Fight, MHA Strongest Hero, Mario Kart, all pretty actively and all by the same moniker of Yfns96. As always I am working towards being able to pursue my dream of being a stay at home Dad to show my daughter that you can really do whatever you want to do with the skills you have. I don't have any monetized pages as the piece is being written, so I appreciate you taking your time to read this. I would also appreciate if you took some more time to give some of my other pieces of work a read as well, as I do receive earnings just by you reading this for free. So there we go I'm coming back, and still with purpose, as always in the great words of my inspired online persona Excelsior!

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