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Transform Ideas into Business with Brightidea Innovation Management Software

by Shekhar Tekade about a year ago in business
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When it comes to innovation management, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it will work or not.

Brightidea is a leader in the best innovation management software market. The company offers innovation management software that can be used for idea creation and implementation of selected ideas for growing and transforming your business. When it comes to innovation management, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it will work or not. Brightidea ensures that all the ideas are discussed on the collaborative platform and the right one is considered for further stages of development and screening. Hence, companies can completely rely on the software right from the submission of the idea until its implementation.

Brightidea’s innovation management platform helps organizations in transforming ideas into measurable business outcomes which will help transform the business. The software very well manages employee ideas and brings out innovation culture across the organization. The software is deployed on-cloud and manages all the innovation activities and processes in the organization. For any innovation process there are multiple stages involved. Brightidea offers dedicated products with specialized apps for every stage and helps organizations in managing innovation processes more effectively.

Brightidea treats ideas as programmable objects, which makes it different from other players in the market. By bringing company-wide change, Brightidea embraces numerous opportunities and innovates the business processes. The company helps users in building innovative business models and shifts in the mindset.

Brightidea not only enables the idea management process, but also empowers managers to choose the ideas that should make it into their agile backlogs. The software tracks and automates the idea management workflow throughout the organization. As a cloud deployed platform, it centrally manages the transformation of products, services, and all the business processes in the organization. The four major stages that are taken care of in Brightidea transformation include internal work allocation, seeking external advisors, vet opportunities that can have positive impact on business, and consider ideas for piloting.

Brightidea innovation management software ensures that the users are able to transform their ideas into business outcomes and have a positive impact. Request a product demo and explore Brightidea innovation management software functionalities for transforming your ideas into tangible business outcomes.

Like other organizations, Brightidea also underwent numerous changes in its business processes due to COVID-19. The company started off with different initiatives and once again led the best innovation management software in the market. Firstly, let us discuss about few changes that Brightidea brought into its own organization. Brightidea handled the COVID-19 pandemic by making work from home mandatory for its employees. It imposed restrictions on travel and large gatherings, besides ensuring that the cloud infrastructure is not disturbed, and, as always, the support team of Brightidea was available 24/7 for any queries.

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