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Toxic Coworkers

Are You One?

By #KristinaWritesPublished 22 days ago 3 min read
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Work atmospheres differ so greatly depending on ‘who’, ‘what, ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘why’. However, the biggest determining factor as to whether you will enjoy yours is the ‘who’. Toxic coworkers can make or break a work experience for so many. And far too often many great employees leave jobs because of the people, not the position being held. Many companies are unknowingly employing greedy, lazy, and even backstabbing individuals without even realizing it because they only portray those traits in sneaky manners.

There are several types of coworkers to watch for: the decision slacker, the rumor rattler, the company flirt, and the all too familiar taskmaster. Let’s just evaluate each of these types of toxic coworkers and see who you may be working with, right now.

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Decision Slacker

The one characteristic that positively identifies a decision slacker is the fact that they are physically and mentally ‘run’ from making decisions. They love to sit on the sidelines and observe those around them, in hopes they will make all decisions. This is the egomaniacal trait that is engrained in them. They most often possess a trait that forces them into a staggering fear of not being perfect, for whatever reason. They live in a world of deniability and pray for two things; the problems will go away or be resolved by someone else.

Rumor Rattler

We all have that one employee that ‘stirs the pot’ in the office. They thrive off negatively keeping rumors going or tattling on every little thing that happens; good or bad. But, mostly bad. This is the case if it does not involve them. They only want to focus on themselves staying in the limelight, in the positivity of the upper hands, so to speak. This is why they ensure they speak of negativity, to ensure they are moved ahead in the good graces of the boss. Mentally, they thrive off sharing negative or bad news about and with other people.

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Company Flirt

Dealing with this type of coworker leads you down a very slippery slope, straight into destruction. It might start with innocent email exchanges, then with private chats, and maybe even basic lunches. It is when it escalates to becoming friends on social media platforms, spending time away from work together, and bringing those events back to the office; the problems start. The best thing to do is not to engage at all. There is a great motto to live by; ‘Do Not Mix Business, With Pleasure’. It just simply does not end well for anyone involved.

Task Master

There are tell-tale signs for the task master. They thrive on creating a perception in others that they are so busy they could not possibly fit one more ‘to-do’ on their list. While at the same time they are constantly bogged down with the following of what others do, or do not do. They complain relentlessly regarding others not doing anything and they are not only covering their own job, but the job of others. The prime focus of a true task master is to ensure everyone around them is under the impression they do the most when they do the least.

In Conclusion, you might be curious what you should do. It is simple; just go to work and do what you were hired to do. There is no reason to run from making decisions, keep a rumor going, flirt with anyone, or avoid working altogether. If you do not want to go to work and do what you were hired to do, then consider going into business for yourself. Then you can make, or break, all the rules you want. Until then, opt in to going to work, and just being a good person to other people. You may very well see positive changes all around you!

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  • Antoinette L Brey8 days ago

    What kind of boss does not allow you to express your opinion, causing you to be a bite your tongue employee

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