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Top Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day for All

Ideally, the best ways to do this include gifting Valentine’s bouquet, chocolates, greeting cards, jewellery and other special gifts.

By Amara GomezPublished 8 months ago 5 min read

Valentine’s Day is traditionally the perfect opportunity for couples to express their mutual affection. Ideally, the best ways to do this include gifting Valentines bouquet, chocolates, greeting cards, jewellery and other special gifts.

Whether you have been a couple for 2 months or 2 decades, you may find it stressful to think up good ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. The best solution is to search online for ideas to make the day special for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or someone whom you intend to date.

Having said that, the fact is that this day is not limited to romance-it is the perfect chance for celebrating anyone you love. Therefore, even if you are not part of a couple, it is possible for you to do some wonderful things on this special day which helps you celebrate friends, family or just you!

Following are some creative ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

  • Visit local bookstore

In case you and your partner are bookworms, head to the most popular bookstore in your locality and spend time browsing and choosing books for each other. How about the latest romance novel? You can spend time later on reading the cheesiest passages in the books to each other.

  • Express with a rose bouquet

There is no better gift to express ‘I love you’, on Valentine’s Day rather than a bouquet of red roses. Valentine’s bouquet of roses is the perfect gift idea. Lavender roses help mark first dates, while white roses are best for weddings. Yellow, orange and pink roses stand for friendship, excitement and admiration. The Red Rose stresses love and beauty. These roses are traditionally exchanged by persons wishing to express love to each other.

  • Watch a movie of the romantic genre

Make some cheesy snacks, pop some popcorn, open a bottle of wine, light some fragrant candles and watch a romantic movie while snuggling beneath a blanket in the comfort of your home. To add to the romantic ambience, decorate the space with a love letter banner or a paper wreath heart.

  • Pay a visit to a rage room

Though it might seem to be the opposite of romance, a rage room is where both of you can vent your emotions, doing wonders for your relationship. In case you have been stressed lately, throwing and breaking some plates in a rage room can release your tensions. When you smash things together, it can help initiate a conversation between you both about what is not working in your life currently.

  • Day for friendships also

V-day is traditionally a day to celebrate romance, but nowadays it is also an occasion to express to your friends how valuable they are to you. There are thousands of ways to do this, and there is no right or wrong way. While you can celebrate a friendship with a greeting card, you can also go a long way, like hosting a party for friends.

  • Sweet chocolates for your sweety

Chocolate is as much a part of V-day as much as Tom Cruise if for Mission Impossible- the sure-fire star of the show. Make chocolate gifts the centre stage of the day, like a set of heart-shaped chocolates in a heart-shaped box. Another idea is to churn out a chocolate recipe like Choco- milkshake along with your partner.

  • Special balloons in a box

Heart-shaped balloons are the hallmark of V-day. Make this occasion extra special by gifting balloons in a box. The idea behind balloon in a box Brisbane is to surprise your partner with balloons hidden in ordinary paper boxes, which give no indication of the colourful balloon gifts inside.

  • Dress in fine attire

V-day is the ultimate special day and so, takes care to dress up really fine. No matter how you have planned the day, whether for an intimate candle-lit dinner at home or a meal at a posh restaurant, getting dolled up will help you feel special. Dressing up for each other can surely lift your spirits.

  • Create custom cards

Greeting cards for V-day will be much more special when they are created by you rather than bought from a shop. Use your own words like a note of appreciation or a poem for each other. Nowadays, there are free online tools to create professional-looking and heart-felt cards. Such cards will be cherished for a long time.

  • Go for a quick get away

Are you struck by wanderlust? Use V-day as the perfect excuse to plan a romantic holiday. This could be a scenic train ride, a hike in the mountains, a visit to a local brewery, a couple massages in a reputed spa, checking out a museum, going ice-skating and many more. A quick romantic trip is often the best way to reconnect with each other.

  • Try new activities

This is not a traditional idea, but try to do something new with your partner on V-day. Select something you have always been meaning to try or something totally outrageous. This could range from whipping up a French cuisine-based meal together or attempting sky diving. You could take Yoga classes, dance classes or virtual cooking classes.

  • Spend quality time

You must make time for important occasions in your life and devote quality time to enjoy with loved ones. The best way to do this is by involving and engaging time with them the whole day. Create a delicious dinner or venture out to a beloved restaurant for an extra special meal. Cuddle with your partner on a couch, watching a movie. Set up a star gazing experience on your terrace with some blankets and a modern star gazing app on your phone. While doing this, avoid any distractions like chatting with others, surfing the net or checking e-mails or text messages.

  • Propose to your dream girl

V-day is the perfect occasion to propose to your dream woman. If you have been deciding to propose to your partner, there is no better occasion for the same. After all, this day is mainly meant for lovers and going down on your knee with a red rose and ring in hand will make for the best proposal.

In sum, though you love your partner every day, go the extra mile on V-day and make them aware of how much you value, love and respect them through such creative ideas to celebrate this day. Even with the smallest effort, you can grow your mutual love in this way.


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