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Top 6 Marketing Services You Can Get Started Today!

by Cosmin Child 2 months ago in workflow / list / humanity / how to / feature / fact or fiction / economy / celebrities / career / business wars / business / apparel / advice
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starting today you are further along than if you started tomorrow

Top 6 Marketing Services You Can Get Started Today!
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As you already know, marketing is a vast field, which means that you can choose from several types of services that you can offer.

I, for example, am an expert in Facebook and Instagram Ads, and all the materials I create are about this type of service and how you can make a very profitable business out of it.

In short, the definition that applies today would be: promoting a business through paid advertising on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Things get a little more complicated when we need to optimize our ads and choose to scale our most successful campaigns.

It doesn’t sound so trivial anymore.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help you understand all these processes.

1. Promoting a business through Facebook and Instagram Ads is the first list of marketing services you can offer.

Sit back and let me explain the other services you can choose from to make sure it’s the right one for you.

2. Copywriting

If you are a more creative person and you always have words with you, you could also try a career in copywriting.

But what does this copywriting service entail?

From delivering original product descriptions to writing articles, newsletters, sales or presentation pages, selling emails, and the list goes on.

Practically everything has to do with the written part and texts that determine the client to do an action that you want.

3. Email marketing

In short, it is that part of marketing where you promote a business through emails.

Whether we are talking about nurturing (providing relevant information to your customers via email, without selling), commercial or sales emails, but also newsletters, they all belong to this niche of online marketing.

If you think that email marketing doesn’t work anymore, think about the first thing you do in the morning, when you get to the office or drink your coffee.

Exactly, you read your emails!

4. SEO (Search engine optimization)

The term SEO comes from the English language and means Search Engine Optimization, ie how to optimize your site for search engines.

Specifically, SEO optimization is a process by which you improve your site’s position in search engine results for certain keywords or phrases.

At the basic level, SEO optimization is divided into 2 main branches:

- On-Page SEO optimization

- Off-Page

Why would a company choose to promote itself through SEO?

Because, in the medium term, it will bring you free traffic! What business wouldn’t want to bring customers to their site for free, right?

5. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising — Google Ads

Pay-per-click refers to the ads you see on search results pages, either at the top or side or while browsing online, ads that appear before YouTube videos and when you use various mobile applications.

You promote Google through the search engine.

This type of promotion is very effective because it allows you to stand out in front of people ready to buy.

There are 2 ways you can promote a business through Google Ads:

Google search network — Your ad appears in the Google search engine when a potential customer searches for a specific keyword

Google display network — Your ad will be displayed on a partner’s site or application. This network consists of over 2 million partner sites and applications.

6. Content Marketing

Nowadays, we are bombarded with ads every step of the way, but Content marketing comes with a different, non-invasive approach.

This approach focuses on creating valuable content and delivering value to potential customers without selling them directly.

The goal is to create a close connection with the consumer so that when he needs a solution to his problem, you be the first to think about it.

How many types of content are there?

  • * Blog articles
  • * Explanatory videos or webinars
  • * E-books, mini-guides
  • * Infographics
  • * Podcast.

Content marketing works in symbiosis with other types of digital marketing: it is a way to incorporate SEO search terms into the fresh content of the website, and the content created can be shared as social media posts and in e-marketing publications. -mail.

Regarding the analyzes made on the content marketing side, you can find out essential information:

 — What are people looking for when they come to your site?

 — What kind of content makes them stay on the site longer?

 — What makes them lose interest and leave?

The benefits of this channel are that you can position yourself as an expert in your niche, you can bring traffic to the site, and build customer loyalty.

Regardless of the path you choose, you need to know from the beginning that each field involves studying and learning in detail.

The good thing is that you have access to hundreds of materials from which you can learn.

Do you feel more prepared to make an informed decision about the marketing services you can offer?

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