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Top 10 Best Shipment Tracking Software for eCommerce

We have listed shipment tracking software which helps your customers to track there product ordered from ecommerce store.

By vijay kumarPublished 8 months ago Updated 10 days ago 3 min read
Top 10 Best Shipment Tracking Software for eCommerce
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Shipment tracking has quickly become a must-have feature for logistics management platforms. Properly executed shipment tracking can boost customer engagement and reduce failed deliveries.

As shipment tracking generally comes bundled with other logistics management features, finding the best shipment tracking software can be a challenge. Our list of top shipment tracking software for ecommerce aims to act as a quick reference guide for all your order tracking and notification needs.

Top 10 Best Shipment Tracking Software for eCommerce

1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a multi-carrier integration platform with robust shipment tracking features. They have API-level integration with all stakeholders in the supply chain. ClickPost’s strong technical backbone makes it possible to retrieve and update shipment tracking information in real time.

Clickpost also has a host of shipment tracking features aimed at the end customer. They allow ecommerce businesses to send customized tracking notifications through multiple channels. These notifications can contain actionable buttons or links to resolve issues and streamline order fulfillment. Branded tracking pages are also on offer.

Ecommerce business owners can take full advantage of Clickpost’s order tracking features by tracking and managing orders from multiple channels from a unified dashboard. They can also add marketing materials to the branded tracking pages to recommend related products or push offers.

2) Shippo

Shippo is a shipping management software offering shipment tracking services. They have their own shipment tracking API that can be used to retrieve shipment status from multiple carriers. Shippo streamlines the shipment tracking tracking process as you do not have to call each carrier’s tracking API individually. But this comes at a cost as Shippo charges a flat fee per tracking number.

3) Aftership

Aftership is a shipping and post-purchase experience platform. They offer standard shipment tracking features like push notifications through various channels, tracking pages, and product notifications. Aftership also has proactive shipment tracking features to optimize delivery and reduce WISMO calls. There are many Aftership competitors available for shipment tracking with advance features, Compare as per your needs.

4) MetaPack

MetaPack is a London-based delivery management software. They offer a range of order tracking features like shipping milestones and delivery updates to end customers. MetaPack claims to offer jargon-free messages to customers in multiple languages to boost engagement and understanding. They also allow businesses to anticipate delivery-related customer queries and offer relevant FAQs.

5) Narvar

Narvar focuses on post-purchase customer experience to build customer loyalty. They offer contextual and branded tracking pages to monitor shipment progress. Narvar also offers post-purchase marketing features across all customer touchpoints. Their tracking pages and elements can also be embedded within any webpage to provide information at a glance.

6) ShipWell

ShipWell is a shipping workflow automation platform with built-in tracking features. They provide detailed, up-to-the-minute tracking on orders so that you always know where your order is. ShipWell also has data analytics features that use shipping tracking data to identify cost optimization opportunities.

7) ParcelLab

ParcelLab is a post-purchase experience software with a focus on personalized communication. Their courier tracking features reflect this with a range of personalization options. ParcelLab can automatically generate personalized messages based on order and customer information data.

8) EasyShip

EasyShip is a Hong Kong-based shipping aggregator offering competitive rates for international shipments via carriers like UPS and DHL. Their shipment tracking tools are basic but are built to provide a detailed overview of your overseas parcels. EasyShip is also equipped to handle cross-border shipment-specific scenarios like customs holdups. They also offer a dedicated tracking page and email notifications.

9) WeSupplyLabs

WeSupplyLabs is a post-purchase experience automation platform. They provide real-time shipment status updates to business owners from a unified interface. This interface can also identify exceptions like delayed or stalled shipments and push for appropriate actions. WeSupplyLabs also provides a branded tracking page and allows customers to report lost or stolen package claims directly.

10) ParcelPerform

ParcelPerform is a delivery experience platform that uses data analytics to enhance the order-tracking experience. Their data pipelines use logistics event data to provide AI-powered delivery date estimations and proof of delivery. ParcelPerform offers integrations with over 1045 carriers and 24x7 customer support.


There is no shortage of options in the market when looking for shipment tracking software. Interestingly, most of the service providers offer shipment tracking as a part of a larger logistics management platform. This makes it harder to choose the best shipment tracking software for your eCommerce company as you need to strike a balance between order tracking and other features.

Personalized tracking notifications through different platforms have become a mainstay for ecommerce brands. To stand out in this market, you need a perfectly executed shipment tracking software that caters to both the business owner and the end customer. Real-time tracking with actionable shipping exception notifications is a must-have in this segment.

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