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Top 10 ShipRocket Competitors and Alternatives

Here is the list of Shiprocket alternatives with features an pricing.

By vijay kumarPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Top 10 ShipRocket Competitors and Alternatives
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Finding a right ShipRocket competitor alternative can be quite tedious and confusing. The market is filled with a plethora of options that tend to follow different approaches to empower a seamless delivery experience. The choice will impact the delivery and the customer experience of your platform To make this decision easier for you, here are the top ShipRocket Competitors and Alternatives.

Top 10 ShipRocket Competitors and Alternatives

1. ClickPost

ClickPost is a shipping and experience management platform that empowers an integrated platform for the ecommerce sector. This technology platform houses a vast carrier library that is paired with a carrier recommendation engine. ClickPost uses an ML-based algorithm to analyze carrier performance to select an ideal carrier according to your preferences.

These seamless delivery services are paired with automated workflows for notifications and NDR resolution. You can use popular communication gateways like WhatsApp, SMS, and Emails to send milestone-based tracking updates.

2. Vamaship

If you are looking for a ShipRocket alternative at an aggregator level, Vamaship is a viable option. With multiple delivery options to over 26,000+ pin codes, you can process both forward and reverse shipments with the platform. VamaShip is also popular among ecommerce merchants for its intuitive dashboards. These dashboards cover a variety of metrics, from delivery success rates to sales and operational figures. A simple consolidated invoice is sent on a monthly basis for an easier billing cycle and can enable COD services for your customer.

3. ShipWay

Shipway enables ecommerce businesses to leverage artificial intelligence in the delivery supply chain for optimized results. A ShipRocket alternative for returns management, ShipWay’s system uses AI to enable a better-branded returns experience. Along with this, there are several pre-developed workflows for various processes in the ecommerce returns process. You can even generate detailed reports for failed deliveries for better analysis and faster resolution.

4. iThink Logistics

The iThink Logistics platform uses delivery services from over 12 courier companies in combination with an RTO management system. The iThink Logistics system is used to improve the delivery success rate and improve order fulfillment efficiency. Using its carrier network, it can deliver to about 26k pin codes in India and to over 180 countries from India, making it a great ShipRocket Competitor.

5. AfterShip

AfterShip is a ShipRocket competitor whose pricing structure and software are more suited to enterprise-grade customers. The AfterShip platform has a carrier library of over 300 carriers and includes other supporting systems like warehouse management, order management, and delivery management. The platform can be used to implement key branding and enhancement features like automated notifications, branded tracking pages, etc.

6. Narvar

Narvar is another ShipRocket alternative that is quite popular in the market. However, the platform is more focused on enabling a better returns experience for your customers. Narvar Returns Plus is used by various popular brands like Sephora, Gap, Dyson, etc., to enable their ecommerce channels. This page features various metrics like the estimated delivery date, product recommendations, etc., to improve the conversion rate.

7. ShipStation

ShipStation is a merchant-focused ShipRocket competitor. As a result, the platform is more focused on its integrations with popular ecommerce storefronts and marketplaces. Acting as a one-stop solution, a merchant can essentially maintain and fulfill orders over multiple channels through a single dashboard.

8. Shipsy

For a more cost-focused optimization, Shipsy might be a suitable choice as well. Shopsy is focused on enabling automation and cost optimization logic in the delivery supply chain at every step. This also includes smart freight procurement and AI-driven route planning for optimized last-mile deliveries. The Shipsy platform focuses on integrations across the globe so that it can become the facilitator of global trade in Dubai, a main hub.

9. EasyShip

EasyShip is another discounted shipping service provider that enables all the shipping activity through a single-window dashboard. This dashboard allows you to manage existing packages, as well as generate and print shipping labels for new ones. With EasyShip’s free version, you will only have to pay for the services you subscribe to, along with the discounted shipping rates.

10. Pickrr

Another prominent ShipRocket alternative in the Indian market, Pickrr, is an all-in-one shipping platform. The platform uses an AI-enabled dashboard to service about 18k+ pin codes across the country. An algorithm is used to consider over 50 factors to reduce the shipping cost and RTO percentage. The platform also allows you to offer a branded experience for your customers.


Using a courier aggregation platform like ShipRocket is key in enabling a better delivery experience. However, the features and pricing structure may not be suitable for all. If you are looking for other options, hopefully, the above list of top ShipRocket Competitors and Alternatives will help you find the right solution.


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