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This is my first time writing. What do you think?

This is a personal experience I had working as a Security guard in Albuquerque

By Miguel GalvanPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Today is Monday, April 15th. And I found a spark inside to finish writing out this experience I had.

This is a not so distant memory from when I worked in a bus station, as a level 1 Security Guard and For legal or posible copy write reasons I won’t disclose the name to the agency I was under during my time in New Mexico. The days there are very hot. The sun light scorches anything It’s path and it’s exactly like how you’d imagine where Walter White called home. But any whoo. I was working as a security guard at that time and was blessed with meeting some interesting people where mostly nice.

I love Albuquerque chili and there beautiful homes. But there are it’s rough edges to living there but that a story for an otherwise time. I lived there during COVID season. I always had to wear that stupid mask but for some reason it brought me comfort that nobody could se my facial expressions. I could be mean mugi g someone and they wouldn’t even know it

I worked the Grave yard. my job was to verbally tell anyone who’s loitering to leave and to observe and report to the police any one breaking the law but honestly as long as you looked sober you could hang around.

During one of my typical 10pm to 7pm shift It’s was about 2 hours after I had clocked in I could hear a young couple, 22 and 26 years of age come in to the train station from California. Yelling and Pleading to the woman who worked in the lobby. For help. They were pissed off and crying. They claimed that they were running away from the virus with 2 of their children. But To my surprise they were on their way to Philadelphia on their own. A Few weeks ago they lost their kids to the coronavirus during the peak of all the chaos. They showed up very desperate: crying, hungry, beaten up and have been traveling for 3 days without a single ounce of food in their stomachs. After we got the ticket situation figured out .I bought them both food from inside the train station

The 22 year old man fell to his knees with tears in his eyes and thanked me.

Onece they settled in Later I invited the male out for a cigarette to get his full story and to help him calm down after the ruckus he made in the lobby.

He only had a bag pack and a gym bag which he had left inside with his wife which looked like were there only belongings. While we were out there I was very careful with the different questions I made to him. The entire time we were talking he was sniffing and In tears. Since I have the memory of a squirrel I can’t remember there names or his and his wife’s but by the time it took for me to smoke my cigarette he had told me everything he went thru 3 months in to COVID. Him and his family had left everything behind and were running from the virus to Philly on the same bus they’d left on. They were on there way to go visit a sibling in LA in hopes of sheltering from the virus but to there surprise people there were just as sick. Eventually all 4 of them fell ill and sadly those pour people buried there children. So now they were coming home with whatever little money they had left and there clothes they had on. Later 1 am rolled in. We said our goodbyes.

This story has been sitting with in for a long time now. For 4 years to to be exact and I my goal was to give my different experiences to my reader. My intention is not to exploit any of these people I am writing about. This is my first in count experience with being a service to the community and hearing people to need to be heard. Thank you for listening. Unfortunately this couple I have no way of tracking down to give credit to and I apologize.

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