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The Ultimate List of Vocal Facebook Groups

The Vocal community is why we keep coming back

By E.A. WilcoxPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 5 min read
The Ultimate List of Vocal Facebook Groups
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Vocal has been a great outlet for so many talented creators. The community is what makes it that much more amazing. We make each other laugh, cry, creeped out, inspired, encouraged and so much more.

The Vocal creators' community is something so unique and unlike any creators group, I've ever been a part of both in-person and online.

For that reason, I wanted to make something for anyone looking to join the Vocal community.

These groups are so great even if you're just a reader and wondering what all of this Vocal Media craze is all about. Maybe you're on the fence about wanting to join - whatever it may be and for whatever reason, you are welcome in the Vocal community.

Whether you're a seasoned Vocalite or a new creator wondering where to get plugged into the Vocal community I've compiled a complete list of all the Vocal Facebook groups.

Always remember before joining the groups to read the rules, be kind, and respectful.

Enough rambling! To the list...

1. The Vocal Creators Lounge

This is a private group so make sure to read the rules (reinstating for emphasis), be kind and respectful. This is one of the larger groups and so you get to see a wide variety of some really great work!

2. Vocal Progressive Group For Writers and Readers

It may get repetative, but just in case you're a skimmer, scanner, or both; read, read, read the rules, be kind, and respectful. This is a public group which means anyone can join so if you're still on the fence about even writing on Vocal, this group is a great place to get a taste for things.

3. The Vocal Creators Support Group

By now I'm sure you're getting the point, read those rules and be kind. So now that it has been repeated make sure to keep this in mind with the next listings.

The Vocal Creators Support Group is a public one, so no need to wait for approval! This group is another one of the larger groups. Again it's great for variety and is full of amazing people!

4. Vocal Media Creators Hub

Another one of the larger private groups. So many incredible pieces on here and it's actually the first group I ever found and joined.

5. Vocal Cafe

Okay, I'm going to say this again for Vocal Cafe - read the rules, be kind and respectful. It is public so go ahead and check it out!

The important note you need to keep in mind is that this is not for posting stories. This group is actually one that really reflects the beauty of the Vocal community.

If you have a problem with your writing, need some help, or just want to rant then join this group! I've been so grateful for this group and actually was able to get some great feedback and editing help from here.

6. Vocal Horror Writers

For all those horror writers out there, this one is for you! I being one of them, was super excited when this group was made.

Horror is one of those genres where you write it and find that sometimes your friends and family aren't keen on it. So, when we find a community of other horror fans it's good times!

7. Great Incantations: A group dedicated to Vocal Challenges

This is a private group and is (as you can see) completely dedicated to those challenge submissions of yours. It's a great place to get inspired if you're feeling stuck, and of course, a perfect place to post your challenge submissions!

8. Vocal Writers

This is a private group, and you may have guessed it! It's a great place to share your work and read others' work as well.

9. Vocal Creators Cooperative

A private group and one that is growing rapidly! Don't miss out on the great fun that this group has. Share your work and don't forget to engage with others!

10. Vocal Creators and Freinds

Another public group which means anyone can join. It's a great place for Vocal content creators and of course friends!

11. Vocal Creators Support Group

No, this is not a duplicate. What you read above was The Vocal Creators Support Group. They are different and are both great groups for posting and reading great stories, articles, poems, etc.

12. The Vocal Daily Prompt Group

A great place for inspiration! This group is such a great place to get unstuck if that's what you're feeling.

13. Vocal Social Society

Rapidly growing, full of positivity and yes it is a public group. There's a lot this group has to offer so go ahead and be a part of something really fun!

14. Vocal Writers Sharing Community

This is a private group, and again I will just emphasize reading the rules before joining. It's another great community that is growing with some fantastic Vocal creators.

15. Vocal Media Stories

This is a public group and is just waiting for your stories to be shared! It's one of the smaller groups so if the larger ones are a bit too much, then starting out small is a great way to get a taster.

16. Vocal Creators Saloon

This is a private group and a great one to be a part of. The name just says it all, I mean imagine you're in a saloon with others like yourself. Card games are going, merry times, great drinks, and it's all over the great stuff that fellow creators make.

17. Medium And Vocal Media Writers Group

Are you a creator who has their feet in both the hot tub and the pool? Great! This group is for all those writers who are on both platforms. Maybe you're on Vocal and thinking of going over to Medium or vice-versa It's a great group to be a part of no matter where you're at.

18. Vocal Aspire

A great place to share stories, get subscriber and reads. It’s a public group so anyone can join, and don’t forget to leave a read and give a read!

Wrap Up

Wow! A lot of groups right? Start with one or two - maybe even join all of them! Either way, you're going to find some really great support and overall a fantastic community.

Let's say it together now, read the rules, be kind, and respectful. All of these groups are fantastic places to be. They reflect the Vocal community in the same way but they all have their own unique flavors.

Always remember to be kind to the admins, moderators, and experts of the groups. They work so hard and do such amazing jobs at keeping the groups running smoothly. They deserve so much more than a standing ovation so be sure to drop a thanks!

I hope you find the Vocal community as wonderful as so many of us do.

By kevin Xue on Unsplash

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Comments (4)

  • Mackenzie Davis11 months ago

    Thanks for this! I am hopeless at FB, but have joined two of these...I barely post. You've inspired me to do better, and to consider these other ones at some point down the line! What a great resource :D

  • Liviu Romanabout a year ago

    Your story touched me deeply, and I appreciate you taking the time to share it with all of us. I'll definitely be following your writing from now on, and can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

  • Harvey Elwood2 years ago

    This is such a great idea and so helpful to put all of these in one place. Thank you!

  • Noor 2 years ago

    Wonderful piece. Thank you.

E.A. WilcoxWritten by E.A. Wilcox

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