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The Ultimate Event Venue Rental Checklist for You

Fellow corporate event planners share where to start and event venue checklists. You'll be able to find the perfect venue for your event if you use an event venue checklist template.

By Amit KumarPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Choosing an event location like history museum Atlanta Georgia is an important part of organizing a corporate event. It necessitates extreme caution and consideration. Fellow corporate event planners share where to start and event venue checklists. You'll be able to find the perfect venue for your event if you use an event venue checklist template.


Before even considering event venues, it is best to first plan your event budget. The cost of renting an event venue will most likely be a significant portion of your budget and must be considered. You should make sure your budget allows for food, entertainment, and decorations.

The more onsite amenities the venue has, the more of your budget you can spend on the venue. There are some great deals out there, but you often get what you pay for, so it's worth paying a little more for a great venue. Consider being flexible with your event date if you find a great venue that is on the higher end of your budget. Certain days of the week are less expensive to book, making an otherwise prohibitive venue choice a viable option.


When considering venues, the location is the second most important factor to consider before making a decision. The location of your event can have a significant impact on its success. Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors, both mentally and, if necessary, physically. Is your venue easily accessible?

A conveniently located venue can mean the difference between a large turnout and a flop. Choose a location that is a reasonable distance from where the majority of attendees will be traveling from, whether that is their homes, offices, airports, or hotels. If distance is an issue, or if alcohol will be served at your event, consider providing some free transportation alternatives. Your goal is to make your guests' attendance at your event as simple, safe, and enjoyable as possible.


Finally, consider the aesthetics of the venue. You might prefer something light and airy, or something cozy and intimate. While the architecture cannot be changed for your event, some venues provide plenty of design flexibility. Moving walls can be used to create adjacent breakout rooms. Keep in mind that the type of room setup you choose is determined by how you want attendees to be seated. Depending on the type of setup, the same number of guests may require varying amounts of total room space. A reception-style event with 50 guests requires 1,750 square feet of event space. The same group, however, requires only 450 square feet with seats in a theater layout.

With the help of an event venue checklist, you now know what to look for when choosing an event venue for your corporate venue.


Patti Darwin, a corporate event planner for over 20 years, always begins her search by asking herself the following questions. Is this venue large enough for the group? Will the event run smoothly? Where can I find the restrooms? Consider the flow of visitors. You want to avoid creating massive bottlenecks in specific areas, such as the bar, the kitchen, or the restroom. You want enough bathrooms so that people don't have to wait more than a few minutes in line. It's also a plus if the restrooms are spread out around your venue. Have an idea of what activities you'll include in your corporate event. Get an illustrated floor plan of each venue and walk through your favorites at least once, noting important details like outlet locations, hallways, and stairwells.


These are additional important questions to ask when selecting an event venue like Georgia history museum Atlanta to ensure that everyone can comfortably attend your corporate event. Aside from the number of attendees, consider whether the venue will be accessible to all people, particularly those with disabilities. As an event organizer, you want everyone who attends to feel welcome. If the venue is unable to provide an equal experience to all of your guests, it may not be the best location for your corporate event. If a potential event location does not provide mobility accessibility information, conduct your own tests while wearing an eye patch, ear plugs, or using a wheelchair. If the venue is large and has multiple floors, make sure there are adequate working elevators for your guests to use.


The services and amenities provided by the venue should be next on your event venue checklist. Consider whether it meets the requirements of your event. Is there a kitchen and catering staff at the venue? Is there seating or will you have to rent chairs? Is there a crew for setup and breakdown? What are their audiovisual capabilities? If so, how does it sound? What lighting options are available? Take some time to meet the venue's staff and, if necessary, do a walk-through. If they are not professional or courteous, it may cause problems during your event.


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