The Torture of Being a Writer

by Elise 7 months ago in career

No, seriously it can be torture

The Torture of Being a Writer
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I’ve found that some people believe being a writer is easy. I can’t help but laugh. If they were writers they would know the strain we put on ourselves when it comes to our craft. Sure, writing is easy but it is a hard skill to master. Whether you’re a blogger or writing a novel you’d know just how complicated the process of writing is.

Putting your thoughts onto the page is thrilling, addictive even, and yet it’s exhausting and sometimes feels unsatisfactory. Most writers worry about the quality of their work or whether they are even good enough to call themselves a writer.

It isn’t an easy path to take, you’ll need a thick skin to be part of the writing world. But let’s talk a little more about the world of writers and all the self doubt it’s filled with. Remember though — you don’t have to have it all figured out but you should build up your confidence if you want to get better at your craft.

Late Night Thoughts

Not all writers are night owls but for some reason when the night graces us with her darkness our ideas are wild, imaginative, magnificent. It’s as if daytime stifles our ability to come up with something brilliant and nighttime magnifies the inspiration and creativity.

I envy those writers who are creative geniuses through the day and night. But it’s not a bad thing to get your best ideas at night, however, it is bothersome. I always make the mistake of telling myself that I’ll remember the great idea in the morning, but when morning comes the thoughts are dull once more. I’m yet to learn that lesson.

Lacking Confidence

Anyone knows that if you have no confidence in yourself or your ability to do something it shows in whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Not every writer lacks confidence and if you do you can build it up and become a great writer. It all takes time and practice. There is no magic potion to make you a great writer overnight, well not one that I know of anyway.


This ties in with lack of confidence and it is totally normal, but don’t let doubt get in the way of your writing. Compare your writing now to what it was when you first started. Dig around and find writing from your school days and see the difference. If you keep pushing forward you’ll see improvement in a few weeks or months. You will have improved immensely so don’t let doubt be your downfall. Keep writing.

You Won't Always Love What You’re Writing About

Some days I can’t stand rereading an article I’ve written. The passion was there when I first sat down to write about a certain topic but rewriting, re-editing and trying to perfect it can bring any writer to their wit's end. There are times I wish I could scrap a piece but I know it has potential if I just push through. Sometimes you just need to bear it, not everything you put out needs to be perfect, which brings me to my next point.

Perfection Kills Creativity

When you’re writing a piece trying to perfect it can ruin the whole thing. Not only will you drive yourself into madness but you may have destroyed the artistic spark that it was written with. Yes, I know we don’t want our stories to be published if they’re total shit but making them perfect doesn’t automatically mean it will be a great piece. Find the middle ground, perfect it but don’t overdo it.

One Last Note

Being a writer is rewarding and I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else. When people read your work you’re left with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

We love doing it because we get to express ourselves and let our messages spread through the world, filling peoples heads with ideas and inspiration. We manage to connect with people through our words so don’t ever give up your writing dream.

Keep writing and inspiring others with your thoughts and imagination.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day ❤

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