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The Summer Adventure

by Avril Doucette 5 months ago in advice
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By : Avril Doucette

The Summer Adventure
Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

I love when the snow starts to melt in the springtime. It signals the change of the season, and the sunny possibilities that are coming into my day to day life. Something about the longer day, warmer temperatures and less layers just screams excitement. I mean what isn't there to love ?? I guess my favorite part would be the warmer temperatures at night, since I preferred to walk outside at nighttime and look up at the stars and moon.

The trees would slowly start to bloom and bud with green, that after a few weeks or months would blossom into beautiful leaves and flowers. I enjoyed the beautiful transformation from the despair of snow and brown trees into beautiful green nature. Nature brought such comfort to me, I enjoyed the greenery rather than the white, bareness and the cooler temperatures that winter would bring.....Very UnCanadian. Eh?

The second aspect I enjoyed was the animals that would magically appear as the snow would cease to be creating puddles on the ground from the warming temperatures. I used to imagine as a child that the animals would be sleeping under the snow, using it as "blankets" to keep them warm during the winter months. My first favorite animal was the "BARN OWL, DEER, then WOLF."

The only issue with me living a majority of the time in city areas. I hadn't been able to see much nature and wildlife living in the city. So I usually get excited and plan my road trips away from a whole day to a family member's farm, or go camping for the weekend. I loved to take photos of capturing the wildlife and nature that I had seen. Capturing the moments and forever locking them in time. Partly, because as a kid my mother carried around her Kodak Film Camera always with 5 rolls of film ready to go, she would capture every moment......which I later regretted a lot.

She captured family moments and amazing memories and I will be grateful for. However, she had also captured the bad haircut accidents, bad tweezing accidents and more that I won't mention. As to protect my image. lol. She passed on that passion of capturing every moment, and having them to later look on. Mostly to laugh later, but to also have heart warming memories also. I always kept my cell phone and digital camera handy, charged and packed ready for the next adventure....Thank you Mom.

The road trips were my favorite part of the adventure. I had a road trip ritual; stop for gas, windshield washer fluid, and anything else I might have missed. I would stop at a supermarket to get food, drinks, snacks and other assorted items that were essential for the most EPIC road trip. Once all of the supplies were in the vehicle. I would set the vibe, put my drink in the holder and a snack. Grab my favorite pair of Sunglasses, hat and recline the chair for the long drive. As a 6ft Tall woman it is a necessity to angle the seat for comfort on a long road trip.

Next is to ensure the best Soundtrack is playing to set the mood of the road trip. I would usually pick a classic Rock Soundtrack from my Spotify List, I have assorted Soundtracks to fit every mood. I would play "FreeBird" usually and allow the music to relax my body. As the gas accelerates when I drive I can usually already feel my body relaxing and the tension leaving my body as I drive outside the city limits. My body usually totally releases the tension once I hit the city limit sign, from there it's just good vibes.

When the sunshine hits my arm while driving, I can feel the Vitamin D affecting and boosting my mood. My heart usually pounds as I get excited for my adventure and what sights I may see, people I might meet or new places I may discover. It's ironic that when the snow melts, nature and animals come back to life, because I feel like that's when I do too.


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