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The Same Tropes

I have a lot to say on this subject.

By Emily AurelienPublished 8 months ago 6 min read
The Same Tropes
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We all know that feeling right, the best feeling of all when our manuscript is finally done. Flawless, and perfect. It is unusual trope something that stands out, and it's romance. There is so much to this manuscript, so you send out a wide net of queries but, no bite.

There is a problem with the system of publishing nowadays. They never want to take a chance on the newest of tropes in writing.

So no matter what you do it will never make a difference unless you represent yourself you will never be noticed.

A lot of your common publishing houses in the States, Canada, or other places will only ever think of one same old trope. They never like changes, and not once have ever saw something unique, only on KDP.

Well at this publisher she will give you what you want. She is taking clients at this time. She represents romance different tropes different genres. As long as the storyline is good, stands out, unique to all readers. She represents anyone with a great storyline with the subsequence for romance in that storyline.

I started this traditional publishing for a simple reason so authors know when they come to Aurelien Publishing you will get a great help putting your work out there. I started thinking of this traditional publishing service to only aid me. But then my husband suggested I should be the spokesperson of my own company. Led by my own example to draw in clients. If my potential clients see that I am doing good by myself, then maybe they will see want to join my company.

The thought of Aurelien Publishing start out as just an idea from me to represent myself. But I wanted to give the company another reason to represent other clients.

Hardcover sales: 15% Trade paperback sales: 7.5% Mass-market paperback sales: 5% this is out of your royalties we will pay. I had put this under our guidelines because to me this is fair and realistic.

Emily Aurelien was born in the United States in a small town called Brunswick, Ohio. She came from a rough childhood but who doesn't. As things became rough for her where she lived all she ever wanted to do was escape to different worlds. Since she felt like a slave never having her own life, she would read to escape her world. As her imagination took flight she wanted more from life. She dreamed of a better life. Enduring hell, she learned something Facebook was her way to be herself. Dating a lot of losers, and not happy with her life there came a time when she fell in love with the idea of love. But with disappointment after disappointment she almost gave up.

Then he found her, her husband and true love Shane. He was unlike anyone she had ever met. She meet him on Facebook and it was love at first sight something she only read in romance novels. He was dating a girl she knew the first phrase he ever uttered to her, "So your the author." words she will never forget. As they got to know each other there had been a deep connection formed. After three years of a lot heartbreak and disappointment they finally got to meet in his country and they got married two weeks after her birthday.

If it wasn't for her husband she wouldn't have made this far as an author, and publisher. He has given her so much, and she has given him a lot too. The love they share is a once in a life time epic love.

Emily Aurelien has a pen name that is under both of her and her husband when they are co-authors working on a project.

A sneak peak for all readers there will be two anchor series she will be working on before releasing any other new projects in 2023.

In 2018 Emily Aurelien have three pen names, Louise Blake, Emily Louise Curry, and Emily Curry she wrote the knows, The Vampire King, The Vampire Queen, and the third one is a complete mystery. She always wrote Hell Academy book 1. All in 2018, it was her escape from her hard like.

Now she in 2023, she is working on these novels:

- What If A Rose and Flame series Novel 1 (this is the first debut novel since 2018.)

- Summer at the Solstice A Beaumont Academy Novel 1

Then Emily Aurelien founded Aurelien Publishing Services, her biggest accomplishment to the writing community or at least that's how she sees it.

Aurelien Publishing was founded by the CEO and Publisher Emily Aurelien was never discovered by a literary agent, or publisher. So she started embarking on her journey representing herself since 2018. As everything slowly came together even though she was never discovered the thought of creating a publishing service crossed her mind to represent herself. She wanted 100% copyrights to her work to never go through losing her work like many author friends went through before her. Most publishers in fact, take 100% copyrights to the works the author sells to them. In this situation so many people have told her not realising what they go signed away.

Well she didn’t want this for herself, then a thought struck her, “If I do this for other authors maybe they won’t go through what other dear friends have gone through.” So this small idea of Aurelien Publishing was born. She started to think how clients should know what they get themselves into. She believes how working with others should be a partnership between the client and the Publisher. Thus, the thought slowly is becoming reality.


Emily's life has never been easy, not until recently when her whole world changed she became free. She lost so much but gained so much in the end. Emily has had so many struggles in life, but somehow everything ends up going as it should. She is happily married to her husband living a happy life, everything is changing constantly in her life yet one thing never has faded her love for writing. Nothing has been easy then again the hard lessons never are. I have a great book cover designer JV Arts.

She lost everything when it came to her family but she couldn't be a part of that life. So she forged her own path, though never easy she never gives.

Emily was employed at a hotel where she was a laundry girl, and never got to work the front desk as promised. She writes full time as well, and is working towards owning her own publishing company called Aurelien Publishing Services.

As time went on, all the times she was told she couldn't hold down a job, all of them saying that she proved them wrong. She proved them wrong, but for herself and no one else.

Right now she is working on two projects this year, and she plans on publishing them soon.

Emily is an animal lover, and enjoys a good book. She is addicted to coffee and Chai Lattes.

She wants her Readers to know that she has a good life, and her life doesn't revolve around writing 100% of the time.

As time went on she found herself finally with her husband. Her husband is a US green card holder, and life has been great to them.


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The Struggle is real. Just once would I like to win a writing Challenge.

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  • Canuck Scriber8 months ago

    It is so nice to learn about you and your writing journey. I am sure your publishing business will flourish. Stick with it.

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