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Using yourself as a spokesperson in your business

These are great tips to read and worthy of your time.

By Emily AurelienPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

All I ever been doing is working on this project for weeks it's the first psychological thriller romance. Thing is I've been working on this project since 2020. I think at first it was a way to escape the early days of the pandemic when there had been shutdowns. So as I wrote the rough draft in less then two months while juggling a epic relationship to boot seemed even more powerful for me.

What If A Rose and Flame series Novel 1 has been an incredible writing going deeper into these characters. I'm starting to think there is still some stuff missing. Real details, that I'm missing, these simple questions are hard to do decide where to begin first. I have yet to figure out a few things: I want to dive further into Emma's character. I want share with my readers everything she struggles with. Her struggles to connect? Her struggles to make friends because of her uncle breaking her spirit.

Why this project? I wanted to dig deep inside of my soul for this project until it consumes me. I think that's when you know it's a great project to write.

The best part is a long with writing the psychological thriller romance, I am working on a paranormal adult romance that will appeal to the ages twenty-four to thirty-five. I am just excited about working with these deep characters. It's never easy for me, to write these characters but as I said I really want to push through the struggle. As I said before the larger the struggle the more important for the story to be out for the world to see.

How do I write this? Do you ever feel lost writing something this powerful? Do you ever have the fear what if it's not popular like most books are on Kindle Direct Publishing?

Sometimes I wonder what will happen if this book that I am working on will be my big break? As all authors think and feel,

How does wanting the best for yourself make you a bad person? I learned something with fame there is a price.

How does wanting the best for yourself make you a bad person? I learned something with fame there is a price. It would be so awesome of a have an office like this but much more extensive than this.

I think wanting the best isn't a bad thing after having a taste of it last year for my husband, and I.

Every authors dream is to read something that isn't the same over used trope. I don't want to represent the same old tropes or cliches.


Writing Bio

Emily's life has never been easy, not until recently when her whole world changed she became free. She lost so much but gained so much in the end. Emily has had so many struggles in life, but somehow everything ends up going as it should. She is happily married to her husband living a happy life, everything is changing constantly in her life yet one thing never has faded her love for writing. Nothing has been easy then again the hard lessons never are. I have a great book cover designer JV Arts.

She lost everything when it came to her family but she couldn't be a part of that life. So she forged her own path, though never easy she never gives.

Emily was employed at a hotel where she was a laundry girl, and never got to work the front desk as promised. She writes full time as well, and is working towards owning her own publishing company called Aurelien Publishing Services.

As time went on, all the times she was told she couldn't hold down a job, all of them saying that she proved them wrong. She proved them wrong, but for herself and no one else.

Right now she is working on two projects this year, and she plans on publishing them soon.

Emily is an animal lover, and enjoys a good book. She is addicted to coffee and Chai Lattes.

She wants her Readers to know that she has a good life, and her life doesn't revolve around writing 100% of the time.

As time went on she found herself finally with her husband. Her husband is a US green card holder, and life has been great to them.


About the Creator

Emily Aurelien

For the many readers who never want to read one niche but many this is the place for you to come. This blogger has everything never just one thing. She is a author, a blogger, and flawed woman. She is never perfect but happily married.

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