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The Evolution of the Crazy Cat Lady

Calling all single women over 30

By Natasha CollazoPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read
The Evolution of the Crazy Cat Lady
Photo by ModCatShop on Unsplash

If she’s single, over thirty, and has zero kids, we all know her- she’s “The crazy cat lady.”

This is a prime example of a stereo-type, and it’s a ruthless one. However, stereo-types evolve from a majority mass or common repetitive behavior of a same kind. But it can not speak for all.

Women who are single and have a cat, or god-forbid she has two, and three, you’re just selling your soul to the cat gods, often times, they come across this label of the crazy cat lady because that’s all she’s ever known to be. This doomed calling. The single woman taking care of all the neighborhood cats. I’m still trying to figure out where the problem is in any of this?!

Let’s break this down. Cats are great companions. They’re clever independent creatures. They are less needier than dogs, rarely ever need a bath, and come with their own personal restroom! Um, yea. Again, where’s the problem?! Not to mention they are cute and cuddly and can warm you up on a cold winter night in an instant.

They even vibrate to let you know they enjoy you too.

In fact, cats are way simpler than dogs for the simple fact that they don’t hound you and can love you from a distant. They give you room to breathe and respect your space.

Cats also add to your home aesthetic. They make a woman’s place feel complete. They’re like moving throw pillows. They lounge around anywhere and add to your feng shui never taking away from it. You light the candles, heat up some tea, grab a good book and call over Mr.Mittens. Similar to having a gold fish, it’s not much work but there’s this sense of life around you. It takes care of this lonely voided atmosphere so you don’t go running out making mistakes. Read that part again.

Cut the cat lady some slack. She’s braver than the sad girl on the town. The cat lady is not sad. She is currently laughing to an episode of the Golden Girls.

She has a good cry sometimes, but in a healthy way. It’s never something she takes to heart. If there’s one thing the cat lady knows, it is a good grip on compassion. Her heart for rescue is big because she understands the desire to be rescued.

But oh my, don’t let the cat catch you in tears because he will come straight up to your face letting out a demanding meow feeling all of your energy and he wants answers.

Cats care, and are smart creatures. Sure, they are mini queens and kings but if they are capable of burying their feces in sand, they’ve earned that label.

So remind me, why do single women want to take on the community cats? Because they’re clearly more loyal than men. I mean sure - it’s because of food, but don’t you have to feed them both?

That was free. And a joke. Sort of.

People are going to give you a label regardless, especially the ones who feel sympathy for you because of your age and the direction you chose for yourself, because let’s be honest, ANY woman can get a man. It’s easy work. She could go out tomorrow point at a guy and most likely he’d accept to follow her around for the remainder of her old cat lady life, but just know she’s single because she chose not to settle.

Having a soulmate is wonderful, and clearly it’s a woman’s goal to love and be loved by a great man, but it’s not her identity.

So, if you’re single and have a cat, or three, applications are open to join this awesome cult, the crazy cat lady club.


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  • Donna Renee3 months ago

    More loyal than men 🤣🤣🤣. This was great!! 🐈

  • Sign me up for this cult/club! I'm 33, single, no kids, used to have a cat. I totally agree that cats are wayyyy better than dogs because I need my personal space, lol. I'm so glad you wrote this!

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Laughter, tears, and cats – a perfect blend of emotions. The crazy cat lady knows the beauty in embracing it all. 🌈😻

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