The Benefits of Youth

How 20 year olds have the advantage in the modern age.

The Benefits of Youth

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this at all yet, but I’m planning on starting freelance work soon. I’ve put starting it off for too long now. The biggest factor that always held me back from starting freelance work was that I always imagined I had to be older, or at least ‘appear‘ older. But being a twenty year old, I am young. So what are the benefits of being young?

What’s wrong with being young?

When it comes to working, you’ll find that there’s a different stigma around youth…

We’re often considered lazy or unambitious and can find it hard to get any opportunities.

In an article by Entrepreneur it was said that the biggest challenge faced by young entrepreneurs is not being taken seriously. Young people are not taken as seriously as they should be.

Are there benefits to youth?

Now I know that there are plenty of benefits to youth. Lack of responsibility, i.e no mortgage; being able to explore who you are; exploring the world. The possibilities are endless!

But when working in a professional field, what benefits are there to your youth? Here are three benefits that I’ve found:


Ever gone into an electronics store and seen an elderly person trying to use an iPad or a laptop? I have, it can be pretty funny at times. Ever seen a young person do the same thing?

It’s remarkably different! Us younger people have been wired to use technology. That is a huge advantage over older people!

We can easily learn to use new technology and new software. In the technological age that we live in, that is not something to take lightly.


Younger people tend to get a bad rap about being unenthusiastic and lazy but I really think that is untrue!

I know a lot of young people who break this stigma. They are some of the hardest workers; the most innovative people; and by far not lazy!

Speaking for myself; I always try to be enthusiastic in everything I choose to do. I always try to learn and I always try to improve myself.

Marginalising young people as being unenthusiastic doesn’t benefit anyone.


Just like how we adapt to new technology, younger people can adapt to new ideas and trends faster than anyone else.

Having years of experience can sometimes have you repeating the same ideas over and over, especially if they work. Lack of experience, in some cases, can actually mean that you have more original ideas.

You don’t know what works and what doesn’t work yet and because of that younger workers are willing to take more risks and experiment more.

It can be a pro and a con but pulling off an original and innovative business idea will boost your career like nothing else.

Younger workers have always been given a bad rap due to their lack of experience but that doesn’t have to be so.

The stage is set for young entrepreneurs to take the lead. We need to show society that we aren’t the lazy and unenthusiastic young adults that everyone claims we are.

The benefits of youth are there, we just need to use them. Age should never be a barrier.

-Chris Gutteridge

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