Likes Vs. Reach

What's better?

Likes Vs. Reach

As a blogger, I’ve come across many challenges and issues. One issue that I'm constantly facing is expanding the reach of my blog. My Facebook page for my blog has been reaching a lot of people but it is still lacking likes.

Facebook pages are generally judged by the number of likes that they have; a page with a high number of likes means good quality but a page with low likes means bad quality. Pages are always judged by their likes but what is more important when blogging; likes or reach?

What’s the difference?

In case you aren’t all that tech-savvy, I’ll explain what I mean by both of those terms.

Likes are caused by someone clicking the like button on a post or a page, hence showing whatever it is that they liked to all of their Facebook friends.

Reach is the term used when whatever you posted is viewed by someone. They might not necessarily click on the image or the link but it means that they have at least scrolled past it on their Facebook wall.

Both are very similar but also very different at the same time. If you have to aim to gain only one though, what would it be? Likes or reach?

Likes vs Reach

Like I said before, generally, if someone finds a new Facebook page, they will give it credit for the amount of likes that the overall page has received. If it’s a highly liked page, then the visitor is more likely to check the page out but a low number of likes can often turn people away from your page.

Social media can often seem like a popularity contest. The more popular you are, the more friends you have, then the more influential your page will be.

Likes are a vital part of running a Facebook page but your reach is also an important factor. You can’t expect everyone to like everything you post but reaching people is something that is in your control. Likes are always a good confidence boost but that’s not what we should be chasing. It’s easy to create a good looking post that people are going to like just for the sake of it but writing a meaningful post that people will actually take the time to read? That’s the harder part.

I’m writing to reach as many people as I can, not to see how many likes I can get. I want people to know who I am by what I do, whether they like it or not. They don’t have to hit the like button but if they see my work then I consider it a win. Reach is exactly the same as influence.

Likes aren’t what gets your name around, they might help but it’s your blog reach that will expand your influence. Likes are just a small part of the process. It might feel good when someone likes your post but if they haven't even read it, then is it really a win?

I always thought that getting likes was what mattered when using social media but that’s only a small part of the picture; it’s the reach that counts. I would rather have someone read my blog than give it a like. I write to be read, not to get likes.

One thing that you have to remember is that good content will always get noticed. If you put the work in, then you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a good reach with your work and the more reach your work receives, the higher your influence will be in your industry.

Remember, we aren’t chasing likes. We are chasing influence.

-Chris Gutteridge

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