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The Accented Traveler: A Flight of Impersonations

Learning to Appreciate the World, One Accent at a Time

By Zorica MalicPublished about a year ago 2 min read
The Accented Traveler: A Flight of Impersonations
Photo by Rafael Feroli on Unsplash

As soon as the man sat down in his window seat on the plane, he couldn't wait for the adventure to begin. He had always wanted to travel the world and see all the different countries, cultures, and people. As the plane took off, he gazed out the window at the fluffy clouds and the patchwork quilt of fields and forests below.

But soon enough, the man grew bored with just staring out the window. He needed something to entertain himself. So, he started to imitate the people he thought lived in the countries he was flying over. First, it was a British accent as they flew over England. He spoke out loud, "Cheerio! Fancy a spot of tea, anyone?" and chuckled to himself.

Next, as the plane flew over France, he broke out his best French accent, "Ooh la la, Monsieur! Do you like croissants and baguettes?" he laughed at his own joke.

As they flew over China, he put on his best impression of a Chinese person speaking English, "Ah, hello, velly nice to meet you. You want some chow mein?" he even pulled the corners of his eyes back to mimic the stereotypical look.

As the plane flew over Russia, he imitated a Russian accent, "Da, comrade. Let us go drink some vodka and sing songs!" he slurred his words for comedic effect.

As the flight passed over Mexico, he put on a thick Spanish accent and spoke loudly, "Hola, mi amigo! Quieres una cerveza?" he felt like he was a master of accents and impressions by now.

But as they flew over the Atlantic Ocean, the man started to feel a little bit silly. He realized that these impressions might be considered rude and offensive to some people. He wondered if he was being insensitive to other cultures.

He started to feel ashamed of himself and decided to stop the impressions. Instead, he focused on the beautiful scenery outside the window and marveled at how big and diverse the world really was.

As the plane began to descend, the man realized that he had learned an important lesson. Traveling the world was not just about seeing new places, but also about respecting and appreciating the people and cultures that make those places unique. And maybe, just maybe, he didn't need to put on a silly accent to appreciate that.

As he gathered his belongings and prepared to disembark the plane, the man felt a sense of newfound understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultures he had flown over. He made a promise to himself to approach future travels with an open mind and heart, ready to learn and respect the customs and traditions of each new destination.

As he stepped out of the plane and into the bustling airport, the man couldn't help but smile. He was excited to explore this new place and all the wonderful people and experiences it had to offer.

And so, with a renewed appreciation for the world and all its wonders, the man set off on his next adventure, ready to soak up every moment and appreciate every person he met along the way.



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Zorica Malic

"No one has the power to have everything they want, but it is in their power not to want what they don't have, but to joyfully use what they have." Seneca

"How long will you wait before you demand the best for yourself?" Epictetus

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