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Rosemarine Textiles

by Meghan Navoy 2 years ago in humanity
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Zero Waste Textile Studio in Detroit, Michigan

Rosemarine Textiles ~ home goods and accessories dyed with plants in Detroit

Rosemarine Textiles is a sustainable textile studio based in Detroit, Michigan run by me, Meghan Navoy. We make hand torn silk ribbons, scrunchies, table runners, napkins and scarves using the rich, complex colors of plant based dyes. Each piece is made by hand in our Detroit studio using processes that take many days to achieve the perfect color. I am passionate about creating beautiful textile pieces in a way that respects both people and the planet. It's important to me to utilize what would otherwise be waste material - whether working with local restaurants for dye producing food scraps and florists for day old blooms. We do our best to incorporate our values of environmental sustainability in every aspect of our business. This includes recycling and reducing water in our dye process, to composting dye materials, banking with a small local bank, and sourcing from almost entirely woman-owned businesses. You can view more about our sustainability practices on our website here.

I gained much of my textile background at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where I earned a BS in Textile Development. There, I co-founded the FIT rooftop natural dye garden and began exploring my love of sustainable production and botanical color. I continue learning and experimenting every day, using textiles as a way to express the natural world through our collection of home goods and accessories.

We are so lucky to have such strong community of fellow small businesses to work with - including florists who use our ribbon for bridal arrangements as well as small shops that carry our products. One of my favorite parts of running a business is being able to teach workshops and sell our products in person. Being able to establish a real connection with our customers and explain how our products are made is so rewarding. It fills my heart with so much joy every time I hear about how our products have impacted our customers' lives. Hearing about how using beautiful plant dyed linen napkins helped a family kick their disposable paper towel habit and slow down and enjoy a nice dinner together, or how a local farmer wears her Rosemarine Textiles bandana to tie her hair back while working outside.

Part of being a small business owner is problem solving and getting creative in challenging situations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been using fabric scraps to make masks to help protect minimize the spread of the virus. We've also been utilizing our blog, social media and email newsletter to connect with our customers from afar. We've created an uplifting playlist, as well as curated a selection of recipes to make while at home, and some fun movies to watch and books to read. It's a scary and confusing time right now, especially for small businesses and service industry workers. If you are able, please make a purchase and/or share on social media your favorite small businesses. My heart goes out to you all right now! It feels really weird to keep making things right now, even when nothing I make is “essential”. But then again you could argue none of the arts at all are “essential”, and we all know for the joy of humanity and connection with others that the arts are extremely important.

I love making things. I love buying things that are made by hand, and I know many of you feel the same way. As long as I can continue making things and putting my heart into it and sending it out to you, I will do that. I love how our community can really lean on each other during these tough times. I'm so grateful for the outpouring of support for our small business. Now more than ever it's so important to support our small businesses and local economies.


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Meghan Navoy

small business owner and textile artist ~

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