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Rewire Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Abundance Mindset Explained

Unlocking Your Potential: Rewiring Your Mind for Success

By Hridya SharmaPublished about a month ago 5 min read

I am a failure! I don't think I can succeed in any new endeavor. My life has no meaning! How many times have you come across statements like this? Or how many times have you witnessed yourself say these notions aloud to yourself? Failures are a warranted swing in life that plonks you into rock bottom. But deeming yourself incapable of achieving your dreams because of the circumstances and downs in life, has less to do with what you have in your capacities and more to the way you perceive yourself and the life that you stride upon. The perception of your life that you hold for yourself is akin to the way everything in your life manifests into the reality you forge. The way we have been conditioned for years by our family, friends, and teachers, the books we read and the content we consume shape the beliefs that we hold for ourselves and the world around us.

The limiting beliefs fed into our minds about ourselves by others and the inner negative dialogue we hold for ourselves are responsible for all the negative spirals of emotions and events that occur in our lives. The roots of these beliefs stem from various factors that stem into our inner psyche and prevent us from living in an abundance mindset. It is important to rewire our brain and reprogram our mindset to see the circumstance for what we already have and are blessed with and eliminate the lack mindset of not having enough or being unfortunate, Here is a breakdown of how to rewire your mind and adopt an abundance mindset to change your life.

1)Understanding the causes of limiting beliefs.

The limiting beliefs that we behold about how we are, what we are capable of and how far we can succeed in life often hamper the abundance and radiant joy that we could experience in all facets of our existence. Limiting beliefs majorly stem from

a)Childhood Trauma- The traumatic events that take place in one” 's life during childhood play a very crucial role in how we perceive ourselves and our situations as we grow up. If you grew up in an abusive family or had toxic parents, the toxic and unrealistic beliefs they had about you have likely become your moral compass as to how you view yourself

b)Social Media and comparison- Another trace of limiting beliefs lies in unhealthy consumption of social media and comparing your life to someone else’s. The notion of the grass always being greener on the other side has always led us to strengthen the narrative of us being deprived of the goodness of life. Indeed, there is always someone who is born in a more privileged life than yours, they live a life of beauty and that belies to you comparing your existence to theirs. That is where we need to recognise that our life has absolutely nothing to do with anybody else’s, the limiting belief that you are not good enough just because someone else is doing more completely becomes irrelevant when you start to embrace the notion that you are in competition with nobody and you do not need to prove your worth to anyone.

c)Your inner circle and your inner dialogue- The friends that you hold the most conversations with and how they view you and their life goals shape a massive portion of the narrative that you hold for yourself. If their beliefs are negative and limit themselves, it signifies the limited mindset they hold for themselves and how much they can achieve. If you are surrounded by people who don't align with the values and dreams that you have for yourself, it is important to evaluate your inner circle and have people who align with the mindset you embody.

Similarly, the inner dialogue that you hold with yourself fosters to become the self-belief you have within. For example: You start a business and have no expertise in the domain, if you hold a limiting mindset and tell yourself that you are incompetent or can only cater to smaller markets and loads of work and cannot make it big, you are less likely to succeed and become a massive success. On the contrary, if you shift your mindset to abundance and constantly tell yourself that you have so much to learn and so many opportunities to capitalize on, the chances of you succeeding in your venture become infinite. Always speak gratitude and abundance into your life and see how you change your life.

2)Rewiring your brain for abundance-

Here are certain actionable steps that can help you rewire your mind and embrace abundance.

a)Identify the major limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself and write them down

b)Questioning the beliefs and finding out what are the root causes of your limiting beliefs -After you identify the causes of your limiting beliefs, it is now important to question them and take suggestive action to reshape your identity and operate from a growth mindset

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself

  • What are the limiting beliefs that I currently have?
  • What are the narratives that led me to think about these beliefs to be true?
  • How do I converse inwardly because of these limiting beliefs?
  • What are the situations that I have been in that led me to think so?

c) Replace your limiting belief with a positive narrative-

Gratitude is the best practice to adopt to challenge your limiting beliefs. When you identify the beauty that you are bestowed in life every single day, you choose to see the optimism that is there around you and your limiting beliefs cease to exist.

Challenge yourself to see beyond the limiting belief you hold about any realm of yourself. Ask yourself is the narrative I hold based on a factual truth or is it a conditioned perception that have harbored in my mind?

d)Take action for all your limited beliefs- how you can challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and prove it wrong

e)Visualise your most abundant self over and over again

-This is where you get to finally be who you are and unlearn the lies everyone told you about what they think you are, Imagine what your best self looks like, how you perceive yourself, what mindset do embody, how you make decisions, the way they act, their lifestyle

When you finally understand that you can change yourself and your reality anytime you want, that is where the real magic starts to happen. You only have to be willing enough to unlearn everything lacking you know about yourself and work on learning and challenging the mind to see the beauty in you and everything around you. It all starts with you. Are you ready to be courageous enough to demand more and work on being your best self?

What did you find the most helpful in the article? Any suggestions

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