Review: Writing for Revenue Article Sharing Sites

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Is it profitable to write for revenue article sharing sites?

Review: Writing for Revenue Article Sharing Sites

As a writer, whether a novice or experienced, there are several writing avenues you can opt for to earn money through your writing. One such writing income avenue is revenue article sharing sites.

Revenue sharing sites enable you, a writer, to earn passive income. This means once your article is accepted and published, you need not do anything else but sit down and wait for your article to earn you revenue. You can share your article with your friends and strangers through social media sites to increase your chances of earning more. However, it doesn’t mean you should settle for one article. You should aim to write an average of 1-3 articles per week.

One advantage of writing for revenue article sharing sites is that you can edit your articles. Maybe you want to add a photo or video, or to add facts or information for the article to remain up-to-date with the latest facts.

The revenue article sharing sites have put in place different mechanisms to enable the site and the writers enjoy their effort. Some will rely on Google Adsense while others will incorporate Amazon or eBay including their own ad program.

By now you're aware writers who revenue article sharing sites earn revenue from their articles through views. The higher the views or readership the higher the writer earns. There are different mechanisms the sites have put in place to ensure the site and the writers profit from their effort. The sites have stated in their resource page the different ways you can earn from their site.

You need not be an expert to write an article for these sites. However, this doesn’t mean you write however you choose without observing writing rules which will be of benefit to you. Your articles need to be factual and original. Even if it is an opinion piece, it is paramount you include facts to support your views. A reader will always come back to read more of your articles since you base your articles on facts.

As noted above, it is not mandatory you should be a professional writer, but it doesn’t hurt to observe writing rules. Revise and edit your articles before you hit the submission or publish button. Some sites allow you to write your personal views or rants or short articles or opinion pieces without even containing facts but it doesn’t translate to writing in poor English. Few of us are confident with our written English skills or proficiency in English language. There are several online tools you can use to your advantage such as online grammar checkers if you intend to write in English language. There are free and paid ones. There are several free and paid online English classes and free online articles that teach on how to speak and write good English.

The rejection rate when writing for these sites is not high as opposed to sites that offer upfront payment. The editors are patient and kind enough to let you know where you erred in your writing and what you need to do for your article to be approved. This is beneficial to a writer as it will enable the writer to know which areas in his writing need improvement and learning new things from the editors.

There is nothing to prevent you from writing the same article, but from a different angle. An article on breakup can have several different topics. However, ensure your article is not a duplicate of your article or someone else. It pays to cite a source if you have copied or extracted a part of information from that source and included in your article. If the photos you have included in your article including the videos are not your own creation, it pays a lot to cite the source. You wouldn’t want someone to publish your article in its entirety and pretend it’s his original work.

The length of the articles differs from the sites. Writing for the revenue sharing sites isn’t limited to writing articles only. Every genre of writing is accepted, and the length varies from 50 words with poems. The minimum length of articles is 100 words. Some sites maintain the minimum length should be 300 words. This is understandable. An article containing less than 300 words doesn’t have enough information to wet a reader’s appetite to learn more. Even so, there are sites which uphold the minimum length should be 600 or 800 words. The maximum length accepted is 1200 words. It contains enough information to interest the reader who will gain enough information without boring them to death.

NOTE: Revenue article sharing sites are not a quick-get-rich scheme. It takes time to earn realistic money. Some writers earn more money from their writing to the point of becoming full-time writers for these sites. Some articles are evergreen–their taste doesn’t depend on a season and many people are thirsty to learn more about those subjects. Thus, you should not leave your job till you are certain it will pay off. These writing sites are a good starting point for newbie writers and writers who want to put their hobbies into usefulness.

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