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Qualities of Strong Business Leaders | Joe Kelly OTC Global Holdings

Joe Kelly OTC Global Holdings shares his expert insight on what makes a strong leader in the business sector.

By Joe Kelly OTC Global HoldingsPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Joe Kelly OTC Global Holdings on Qualities of Strong Business Leaders

To be successful, strong business leaders need a specific set of qualities that will benefit them in various situations. Possessing these qualities sets the best business leaders apart from those who struggle to grow their businesses. Here is a look at five qualities possessed by strong business leaders.

1. Decisive

Strong business leaders are decisive. Once they set a goal, they go about making the correct decisions to pursue and achieve that goal. However, being decisive doesn’t mean being reckless. Each decision is based on logic, evidence, data, experience, and intuition.

2. Communicative

A business leader with poor communication skills isn’t much of a leader. Clear communication is vital in business when it comes to laying the groundwork for daily operations, striking deals, attracting investors, and handling legal matters. A strong business leader is always clear in their communication at all times.

3. Ambitious

A strong business leader knows that the higher they aim, the higher they will rise. This raw ambition fuels a strong business leader’s pursuit of success and keeps them from becoming complacent. This ambition also serves as an example to their employees and inspires confidence in their investors.

4. Tactically Minded

A strong business leader knows how important raw data and analytics are for determining the course of action they should take. However, they also consider the “human factor” and develop strategies that cover possibilities that the numbers don’t reveal. This is important in areas such as customer services, brand image, and reputation management.

5. Legally Aware

There are many laws and regulations in business, and a strong business leader is always aware of this and knows when to rely on lawyers for help. Contracts, firings, workplace accidents, lawsuits, and other legal matters must be taken seriously. If not, crippling fines and even jail time could be the result.

A strong business leader knows that their business lives and dies by their leadership skills. They take this responsibility seriously and work hard from start to finish. Making sacrifices, taking intelligent risks, and having a clear vision for the company are also qualities of a strong business leader. In the end, a strong business leader is someone who works to always bring out the best in themselves and those around them.



About Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is the president and Co-CEO of OTC Global Holdings, the largest Independent Inter-dealer Broker of Commodities in North America and Europe. Joe has years of experience in commodity brokerage, specifically natural gas and oil. Joe Kelly’s zest for life, sense of collaboration, and ability to see the big picture are just a few reasons he is so successful in his endeavors. His contagious enthusiasm also generates a company culture that’s a uniquely positive experience.

Joe graduated from Seton Hall University with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance. He began his career on the New York Mercantile Exchange floor, working for ED&F Man. During this period, Joe learned the ins and outs of commodity futures and the value of a diverse derivatives marketplace. In addition to his work, Joe Kelly’s other great passion is the sport of rugby. In addition to the mental and physiological benefits, Joe sees it as a sport that shares many of the same rules as business. When OTC Global Holdings formed their first international office in London, Joe relocated and was instantly smitten by the spirit of the sport and the guiding principles of the game. Unlike American football, rugby has a lack of physical support for players, making communication and synergy all the more invaluable. Much like in business, everybody has an important role to play, not just for the protection and success of their teammates but for the club as a whole. Visit his websites to learn more!


About the Creator

Joe Kelly OTC Global Holdings

Joe Kelly operates one of North America’s and Europe’s largest independent interdealer brokers of commodities as Co-CEO and President of OTC global holdings (OTCGH). Discover more at!

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