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Publishing On Amazon's Kindle Vella

by Jessica Bugg 8 months ago in how to
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The Next Generation Serial Novel

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I have been toying with the idea of publishing on Kindle Vella since the last part of the summer. But for whatever reason, perhaps laziness or an overabundance of partying at the beach . . . I did not.

Finally with the calmness that comes with Christmas break (well, except for me but everyone was calm so that was an improvement), I have begun the transference to the Kindle Vella program and why yes, I will have a link down below where you can check out a few chapters for free.

What Is Kindle Vella?

So Kindle Vella is Amazon’s newest concept that capitalizes on serialized fiction. Vella is short for novella. And readers use coins in order to unlock episodes. You even get your first 200 coins for free.

Some series are completely finished like the one I found on Italian Christmas (it was good, a little Hallmark-y but still good).

While others are ongoing.

What Is Serialized Fiction?

Serialized fiction used to be extremely popular especially in the time of Dickens. A Christmas Carol? Yeah that originally was not a book. It was written at first as a series of related but stand alone short stories that were published in the nickel papers (or maybe they were only a penny, who’s counting?).

Each week a new part of the story was published and readers LOVED it.

Serial fiction eventually fell out of fashion but has had a renaissance thanks to sites like Royal Road (which has one of my favorite ongoing stories entitled Beware Of Chicken).

Other Famous Novels That Began As Serialized Fiction Like Kindle Vella Include:

-The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (1844)

-Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert (1856)

-A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (1859)

-Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky (1866)

-Middlemarch by George Eliot (1871)

-Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (1875)

-Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson (1971)

There are far more than just these but I chose these specific examples mainly because I like the books themselves. How’s that for partiality?

So Jessica, Tell Us About Your Kindle Vella series

I have three in total but only one is “live” with one episode up (AND FREE TO READ!!) at the time of writing with ten other chapters in review.

It is an urban comedy/satire piece that is full of swearing, sex, drugs, violence, and all of the things you have come to expect from me.

Narrated by Derrick aka The Wing Commander, front desk attendant, night laundry clerk, and fin-dom in his spare time; we follow the tale of a motley crew of individuals from strangers to makeshift family.

While some of these people, places, and situations may seem very familiar for my regular readers, I assure you, it is all a work of fiction and any similarity is just your own imagination.

Here is the link where you can read the first 3 episodes for free:

SureStay USA: This Is A Love Story

The lady on the cover is not a depiction of any of the characters. I just liked her so I went with it.

The second Vella of mine is all about fucked up things you will find throughout history. We look into the ongoings of Roman parties, why DID Geishas actually bind their feet? And all sorts of other topics.

I expect both series to go on for quite some time. Until I either get tired of one or the other; but mainly if the readers do. The readers are the only people that matter any way.

Sadly, the history Vella is not live yet so I don’t have a link for that one yet. But you best bet, I will make sure there is an update when it is available.

Final Thoughts:

I am so excited to see how these do! It is a really fun way to publish in my opinion and test the waters for pieces I have wanted to develop for quite awhile.

And if no one reads any of it? Fuck it. I’ve had a blast bringing these creations to life.

But I hope at least a couple of people read some of them. Even if it’s just the free ones.

Authors Note:

I did not use an editor for any of my series. I am not fancy. I am not well educated. But I do know how to tell a story people feel. So if you are here to be high class, get the fuck out.

The End.

And thanks everyone for your support!

The End. For real this time.

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