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Becoming Myself and Living My Passion


"One day I'm going to become an author." That's what I used to tell everyone when I was going through the fourth grade. The big plan. Well, write a bunch of really cool books and be the next J. K. Rowling or Anne Rice or something. This dream stuck with me all my years, and as time passed it became every more desirable.

For my parents, college has always been the main goal. Get through all the crazy that's public school to graduate and head on up to... another school. That was never really my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I was never bad at school, but I also wasn't at all the best student. I spent all my time plotting stories and not taking notes. When it came to school work I quickly re-read everything and answered questions quickly just so I could start-up on the next chapter.

Writing was my passion.

It still is my passion.

I grew up with a dream in mind, and no matter how many times someone attempted to burst that bubble I wouldn't let them. There were plenty of nay sayers trying to tell me that I wasn't ever going to make it, but I didn't let that hold me down. I was going to become a writer and there were no ands ifs or buts about it.

By the time I got into middle school that passion got a bit out of hand, if I do admit so myself. I would have my mom buy me extra composition books and claim they were for class when in all actuality they weren't. I would slap a title on the front and start writing away. Full on chapter books with whole plotlines that reached out into little mini series I would get all my friends to read. Hell, I have no idea where half of those went.

This, as school progressed, got a bit harder. Teachers seemed more on the look out for kids not paying attention. I effectively figured out a way to get by that one. Best way to hide the composition book was to place it under the class notes book and text-book. Looks like I'm taking notes, but I'm totally not. Again I wrote whole chapter books. Stories that, thanks to an over active imagination and lot's of television, developed into full on books.

I remember one year I wrote this novel that was about twenty something chapters long and took two composition books. It was a Jurassic Park meets Resident Evil type story with all sorts of crazy things going on. Once I finished with the book I started letting my friends read it.

As each person borrowed the book to read I would always tell them to read it at home and don't get caught by a teacher. God forbid my mom find out I'm not actually doing anything in class, right?

A girl in my science class was pretty excited to read it, so I let her borrow it and gave her the exact warning. We split up for the next round of classes before lunch. When we finally met up again for lunch she nervously reveals to me that she got caught reading the book in her math class and that the teacher took the book. Mind you I put my whole name down in the book on the front cover and the title page and scribbled somewhere on a author's page or what have you.

The point is my name was on it.

We shared the same math teacher, so I felt panicked. I went the rest of the day wondering what was going to happen and if I was going to get into any trouble. The next day I'm sitting in class and my math teach comes up to me and hands me the book. She goes on to explain how she liked it a lot and told me I should start typing it all in Microsoft to catch typos. Other than that sh loved it and even left a great comment on the back page.

It was the best experience and form of encouragement I ever got for my writing skills.

So, that's my school history which leads me to my issues with college. If I couldn't focus long enough in school to barely pass without writing another book why would I go to college. Not that college is a bad thing. I'm just saying it's not my cup of tea. Where I am getting at here is that everyone has a path they want to run down. Some people want to become doctors, lawyers, and things that they need the schooling for. Me, I still dream of being an author.

After being in a rocky relationship with a man who controlled my every purpose I was left without my passion for the longest time. However, his abandonment and my ability to stand up and take care of myself and two kids has rekindled those fires. I am back on track of being the person I want to become and that is important. I've joined Vocal in hopes of helping my works to get out there and be seen, read, and/or noticed along with attempting to add an extra income to support my two kids.

My passion is to write.

I won't let that get snuffed out again.

PS: I have recently published three books through Amazon as an independent author. Please check my work out and share with friends and family to help my passions take off. Every bit of help is deeply appreciated.

Here is the link.

Melinda Dawson
Melinda Dawson
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