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My Blood Sugar Dropped to 63 and This Happened to Me

We need to be careful.

By Casimiro Filipe Published 3 months ago 3 min read
Medical Report

Since 2018 I've worked online in various fields. Today I only do three things: investing, writing, and selling courses.


I've been working as a full-time investor since 2020, and as I teach online classes on financial education, my audience in the field has grown and expanded not only as a retail investor but also as a consultant and client portfolio manager.


I started writing full-time in 2019 after getting to know Medium, but I started a year earlier as a freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork. Today I write in three ways:

1 - As an author on blog publishing platforms.

2 - As a freelancer for private client websites.

3 - As a translator and transcriber on platforms that pay per minute of transcription and word translated.

Selling courses

In 2020 I started selling digital courses, and I'm still doing that today.

What am I getting at?

During all these 4 years working with these side hustles, I managed to achieve my financial freedom, and as a result, I spent a lot of time working in front of a computer, wasting hours on end because of some clients' time zones. On November 27, I started to feel mental fatigue, which I thought was normal because I've always felt such fatigue, after all, I've been working with computers since 2011. But on the 28th, in the evening, I began to feel symptoms of labyrinthitis, I started to feel dizzy and lose my senses a little, and with each passing moment, the symptoms increased more and more.

Doctor's appointment

On the 29th in the morning I had to see my doctor, and as I'm in Africa at the moment, I had to be tested for malaria along with blood sugar.

"The medical report showed that fortunately, I was malaria-free, but my blood sugar was very low, so I was feeling dizzy. "

My blood glucose dropped to 63 according to the medical report, and the factors for this happening to a human being are:

1 - Hypoglycemia.

This usually occurs when a person is intensely dedicated to keeping their blood glucose as close to normal as possible, or in people who take insulin but don't measure their blood glucose enough. People with diabetes who reduce their food intake or have chronic kidney disease.

To begin with, I'm not diabetic, I've tried to keep my blood sugar low but it's never gone above that level, and I don't have kidney failure either. So that wasn't the cause.

2 - Overwork and constantly pushing my mind, causing stress.

3 - Lack of proper nutrition, i.e. eating too few calories to maintain blood sugar levels.

4 - When you have a bacterial infection that is slowly eating away at your organs.

Through these factors, the doctor was able to discover that I was spending too much time working, and I was eating too little, so I needed to be away from the computer more and keep my mind relieved, so I didn't strain my mind too much.

What's the Danger of Low Blood Sugar?

"With reduced glucose levels (below 60mg/dL), symptoms worsen and can cause fainting, seizures, coma, and even death when not treated properly."

Why did I decide to share this?

I shared this to alert some authors because I know that many are spending a lot of time on their work and are not paying attention to proper care, it is important to maintain blood glucose levels and other factors that can leave us vulnerable. Work and other things can't leave us vulnerable, because it's through our health that we're able to do other things.


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Casimiro Filipe

Startup Entrepreneur, Investor, Content Writer, YouTube Business Influencer and Podcaster.

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