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By Nefarious DarriusPublished about a month ago 3 min read
P/C (photo credit): Monfocus of Deutsch origin via the completely free stock photography site/app Pixabay. Please show each of them much Love.

14MAY2024; 2047, TUE– Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Peaceful tidings to all except the Bidens. I jest; unless…

All seriousness though, this minor note is a small labor of Love; intended to be a short and sweet on the future of military affiliated apparel. This is the five W’s and an H; in a nutshell.

Heaven permitting, it’ll reach the respective potential fans before they even realize that they are fans. Either which way, the Mission will continue.

Without further ado; and here’s to you, the reader–

14MAY2024; 1159, TUE

When people sport our gear, they’re oft stopped and asked about the number 42. Especially when sporting something that solely and/or unmistakably features said Arabic numerals. Thus, a much needed and highly anticipated explainer is to immediately follow.


First, the founder/owner, Darrius Unity is a big fan of the tongue in cheek response that, “The number 42 has at least 42 significant meanings in the U.S. of A. alone. Why not attempt to add at least one more to the list?” Therein lies the reasoning behind him endeavoring to make it the logo of this apparel brand.


Some of the meanings are relating to pop culture; music; economics; and even a few biblical references. For example, there’s the late, great race barrier breaking baseball legend, Jackie Robinson; and his highly regarded jersey number. There’s the number of gallons in a barrel of crude oil (America’s lifeblood); as well the purportedly perfect number of minutes in the average musical album.


As far as biblical goes: There’s the number of generations between Father Abraham and Jesus of Nazareth for one. Secondly, there’s the number of months that Jesus ministered for. And, thirdly, there’s the number of chapters in one of the most iconic books of the Holy Bible; the book of Job.


This brings us to arguably our main reason; speaking of the unimaginable suffering that the eponymous character of the aforementioned, and the sole 42 chaptered Bible book endured. It’s reminiscent of what the U.S. Vet community is currently experiencing. Low estimates from subject matter experts (SMEs) strongly suggest that upwards of 42 Vets commit suicide every single day.


This is particularly true when factoring in deaths from substance abuse; self-neglect; and even intentional incarceration. The phenomenon of institutionalization furthering itself is not novel by any means. How many Vets are forced to literally work themselves to death when they’d much rather prefer to live out their true purpose of protecting and prospering their once proud Homeland? We won’t even touch on the fentanyl crisis that is ravaging the entire country.


That being the case, why not raise awareness? The first step to solving a problem is recognizing and/or acknowledging it so that you can accurately assess the situation and the potential outcomes. If we continue to burry our collective heads in the sand whilst waiting for someone else to save us; GOD have mercy on our souls.

Enter War ‘N’ Tees and our unofficial partnerships with nonprofits. We will be donating a portion of all sales (past, present, future) to 501c3 orgs that are fighting tooth and nail for the direly ailing Vets. No less than 20% will be collectively given freely to outfits such as 1.) Warfighter Advance; 2.) F3 Nation; 3.) Team RWB; 4.) Flanders Fields; etc.


To say that they all tremendously instrumental in fighting The Good Fight would be a detrimental understatement at best. In closing, 42T (trillion) thanks in advance to any and all for even the most minimal monies spent in support of this campaign. We will have an incredulously more peaceful, productive, and positive society if/when our Vets becomes a priority instead of political props.


As the headline of this site states, "Stay blessed; Free; & dangerous!"




Prayerfully, you gained something pertinent (re: useful) from this post. If so, then please think about considering a show of support; however you may see fit.

Additionally, I'm easily reachable via Twitter. That's for private and/or public convos on the works written by me, my fav writers, as well as my other influences too.

The link in my bio will "counterintuitively" have that unmistakable tab in its footer menu. Invariably, there's a tab in the very main menu; cyclically returning you to my profile on this unfathomably superb site for writers.

Shoutout to all Vocal's inventors/staff/readers/writers. "[Y'all] the real MVP."

Lastly, if you're in the market for an incredulously original article of clothing or such: There's copious amounts at the aforementioned link in bio. Please don't believe for a NY minute that I'll be even remotely unappreciative of any all who "look out for the cookout".

Peace; blessings; and much Love, even. *Salute*.




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Nefarious Darrius

I'm a Grunt who’s been stuck in traffic for the past few decades or so. From DC to Seattle & Iraq; to back in "The Swamp". Also, I Love my Progeny more than life. Born Day: 4/20. Lastly, my 1st book, Wartime Snapshots is live! One Love.


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