My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

by Rhonda Farley 3 years ago in career / humanity

The Gift Card

My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

Last October at work, one of the Managers at the Store, decided to have a contest just for the delivery drivers. Up for grabs was a twenty-five dollar pre-paid Visa gift card. If nobody won the contest by the end of the month, the gift card went up to fifty dollars, and so forth. The way the contest went was, whichever delivery driver had the most friendliest customers' comments left on the feedback at the Store, won the gift card. If two delivery drivers were tied at the end of the month, then the gift card rolled over to the next month. So, let the Contest begin!

Before I knew it, the month of October was flying by and I was in the lead for the most comments from my pizza customers. The month whizzed on by and I just needed one more comment to win the gift card. I had a plan of action. All that I needed to do was get to one of my regular customers' houses and explain to them about the contest that was going on for the delivery drivers. And having said that, that is exactly what had happened. I arrived at one of my regular customer's locations and after I gave the customer her food and her two-liter soda that she always orders, I briefly tried to explain to her about the contest that was going on at work for the delivery drivers only. All that I needed for her to do was to either leave a comment for me on the computer, if she ordered online, or call up the Store.

I left my customer's house and headed back to work. A few days later on, I found out that my regular customer had called up the Store. She really did not even know why she was calling. She did, though, give me an excellent comment about being her delivery driver and how nice that I was to her at her door and to her cat, (or the cat that she watches for her neighbor). I have even helped her out before getting the cat inside of her house.

The first of November had rolled around and I just knew that I had won the twenty five dollar pre-paid Visa gift card. What! I got to work one afternoon and looked at the stats that were posted at work for the contest and myself and another driver had tied each other for the month of October! What! How was this possible!

Well the game was on now! Now, not only was the gift card still up for grabs, it increased to the amount of fifty dollars. I sure wanted that gift card. The next month was December and I had plans for that gift card. The month of November flew by and before I knew it, it was December. When I made it back to work a couple of days later, I immediately checked on the status of the gift card. Wow! What do you know? I did, as a matter of fact, win the gift card at work. What a nice gift that was to have worked for to have won.

In the article that I wrote about “My Car Being Robbed,” I spent my fifty dollar pre-paid Visa gift card on replacing my cell phone and my GPS. It is funny how things happen: my car got robbed and then I found myself having the funds that I needed to have my items replaced. Another delivery driver at work won the twenty five dollar pre-paid Visa gift card for having the most comments at the door, for the month of December. I truly enjoyed having that contest going on at work; it was an awesome challenge.

Rhonda Farley
Rhonda Farley
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Rhonda Farley

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