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Meaning of being successful

by Merjaunie Lena 9 months ago in advice
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Meaning of being successful
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To be successful is probably the one thing we all have in common that we strive for these days. The only issue with that is there's so many different ways to see success. Everyone has their own perspective on success and what it means to them, but others see success differently, and I may be one of those people.

See I feel like everyone has this vision that in order to be successful you have to have millions of dollars, and fancy cars or even fancy homes. That would probably be the ideal vision everyone wants to have about it, and that's fine if you feel you need all those things to be " successful " then go ahead and do what you need to do to get that. For me on the other hand the way I see it is if you're able to get a car on your own, a house, an apartment or even just pay your bills on your own you're already being successful. Whatever goals is it you set for yourself that you're able to accomplish that right there is already a stepping stone to your success. You don't need fancy things or millions of money to be successful. It's whatever you feel is right for yourself to feel successful. As long as you're able to take of yourself, and do what you need to do for yourself throughout your life that's already being successful. You're taking those steps you need to take for yourself to be that much better of a person you were the day before this, you're setting yourself up for your own success, and that is totally fine.

To be able to have millions, and all those fancy things would be a blessing it doesn't mean you're successful maybe that person won a raffle of something or was born into a rich family. Always remember some people were born into that lifestyle of " success and money ". It could be their parents that started their own business, and they were born into that lifestyle and know nothing more. While others on the other hand would work and set goals for themselves and slowly started to succeed on their own. Everyone sets up a certain type of goal they want for themselves and its up to us to actually work for that goal or success or not. So whatever it is you have already accomplished in your life that is something to be proud of. Because not everyone can say " I worked to have I have now ", but you do. Everyone is successful in their own ways no matter how you want to look at it. Don't compare what you do and don't have to others because chances are some of those people you're comparing yourself to probably didn't have to work for what they got.

So to make this clearer to be successful is how you perceive yourself, and your accomplishments. No matter what it is or how small, if you had to work, and set goals for yourself, and were able to accomplish those goals well you're already being successful in my head. If you can sit down and have a conversation with me on telling me how you wanted something and how you had to work for it, I will see you as nothing more but a successful person. No matter how small that goal was or is for you it's always an accomplished mind set that will get you into where you want to be into you being your own success. Your accomplishments are your success, and you have been successful ever since that first purchase on a new car, new apartment or house, or even getting that job. That's what is is to be successful for the things you worked for, not for how much it cost.


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