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Life a precious gift

A Precious Gift

By Abdelelah RafiqPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Life, oh life, a precious gift

Given freely, without ask or lift

From the moment we are born

Our heart beats just forlorn

With each breath we take

A new chapter to make

A journey that's unique

With turns we can't mystique

Some paths are dark and dreary

Others are bright and cheery

But with each step we take

We can learn from our mistakes

Life, oh life, so full of love

And gifts sent from above

A symphony of moments

That weaves its own components

We'll laugh until we cry

And we'll also say goodbye

To ones who've left before

Yet their love will endure

So cherish all this breath

And love those you have left

For life, oh life, it's a precious gift

To be lived and loved, a single rift.

Life, a precious gift bestowed on all

A journey we traverse, big and small

A tapestry of moments, bright and dark

A story that unfolds, a unique mark

Each breath we take, a precious jewel

A chance to love, to learn, to rule

To find our purpose, to make a change

To touch a heart, to rearrange

The joy of laughter, the pain of tears

The rise of hopes, the fall of fears

Life's dance goes on, lovely and grand

Infinite colors, our emotions expand

We live, we love, we strive, we grow

We face the storms, the highs and lows

The end may come, but life lives on

A legacy of memories, a spirit that's far gone

So cherish each moment, that comes your way

Hug those you love, give thanks and pray

For life, a precious gift that we hold

A journey that shapes us, till we're old. Life- a precious gift,

By divine grace bestowed.

It's full of hurdles and strife,

Yet with love, it's forever glow.

With each dawn, a new hope we cherish,

As we set out to discover our path.

We tread on, amidst obstacles that perish,

To reach the destination that comes in our bath.

At times, the journey seems tedious and long,

But with determination we prevail.

For life’s worth, we keep moving along,

Through sunny days and tempestuous hail.

With every step, we learn and grow,

As we unravel life’s mysteries one by one.

Reveling in the beauty each day bestow,

And basking in the warmth of life's sun.

Thus, let us cherish this precious gift,

And make the most of our time.

For life, my dear, is but a fleeting drift,

A journey that will end in its prime. Life, a precious gift bestowed on all,

A fleeting moment, a precious thrall,

A journey through winding paths of time,

A symphony of love and loss, sublime.

A tapestry of memories we weave,

Of days and nights, of love and grief,

With each step, we take a different shade,

And leave behind a trail, as we fade.

The sun may rise, and it may set,

The clouds may gather, and the rain may wet,

But through it all, life keeps moving on,

A melody of dreams, of hope, of dawn.

So, embrace this journey with open arms,

With all its twists, and all its charms,

For in the end, when all is said and done,

The only thing that matters is the life we've won. Life, a precious gift from above,

A blessing to cherish and love.

A journey of joy and sorrow,

A path if taken, leads to a better tomorrow.

The sun rises and sets,

As we go through life's complex sets.

We laugh and we cry,

And sometimes we ask ourselves why.

But in the end, it's the memories we make,

The relationships we build, the love we take.

The struggle we face, the fears we defy,

That makes this journey worth the try.

So hold this gift with care,

Live life with love and flair.

Treasure every moment, don't let it slip,

For life is truly a precious gift.

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About the Creator

Abdelelah Rafiq

Abdelelah Rafiq A writer and publisher from Morocco I love writing , fine art I try my best to contribute to the journalistic and literary field to please myself and others


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    Abdelelah RafiqWritten by Abdelelah Rafiq

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