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International Eqaul Pay Day

"Equal pay isn't a favor; it's a right. Let's make it a reality for all."

By Noor MohammadPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Equal pay is not just a matter of fairness; it's a reflection of a just society.

"When women thrive, societies prosper. Let's ensure equal pay for equal work."

International Equal Pay Day is a crucial reminder of the ongoing battle for gender equality in the workplace. This day underscores the significance of paying individuals fairly, regardless of their gender. When we bridge the gender pay gap, we not only promote social justice but also boost economic growth. Equal pay encourages a more diverse and inclusive workforce, harnessing the full potential of talent worldwide.

On UN International Equal Pay Day, observed on September 18, the ITUC honors trade unions' global efforts to combat the gender pay gap with success stories.

In 2023, Afghanistan stands out with the most glaring gender gap on record. Since its inclusion in WEF statistics in 2021, Afghanistan has consistently ranked as the country with the widest gender disparity.

The Taliban's resurgence in August 2021 dealt a severe blow to women's fundamental rights and freedoms. Their regime has imposed increasingly draconian restrictions, rendering existence perilous for women in the country.

Remarkably, Afghanistan stands alone as the only nation worldwide where attending secondary school or university is illegal for females. Access to public spaces has dwindled to near-nonexistence, with women barred from parks and gyms. Employment opportunities have shrunk, and their access to healthcare remains critically restricted. Female healthcare workers are scarce, and male healthcare workers cannot treat them.

Adding to the bleak picture, the new Taliban interim cabinet is devoid of any women, and the Ministry of Women's Affairs has been dissolved. Women who dared to protest these developments, especially in Kabul, faced brutal reprisals from Taliban security forces. Tragically, at least one protester lost her life to violence.

Iceland proudly holds the top spot for gender equality, with a gender gap so minuscule that it's just a decimal point away from complete parity.

In a historic move on October 24, 2016, Iceland celebrated Equal Pay Day as women across the nation walked out of their workplaces in a resounding protest against wage disparities. Their message was clear: they would not tolerate working for free. Less than two years later, in 2018, Iceland achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first country globally to legally mandate equal pay between men and women. This groundbreaking legislation requires any company with over 25 employees to demonstrate that they are paying equal salaries for equivalent roles, regardless of gender, race, or age. Failure to comply carries financial penalties.

Since 2018, Iceland has proudly held the distinction of having the world's smallest gender gap.International Equal Pay Day has sparked a range of positive effects globally. Firstly, it has raised awareness about the persistent gender pay gap, prompting discussions and actions to address this issue. This heightened awareness has led to increased transparency in salary structures and pay equity audits within organizations, fostering fairer compensation practices.

Moreover, International Equal Pay Day has spurred legislative changes in several countries, encouraging the enactment of laws that mandate equal pay for equal work. These legal reforms have empowered women to assert their rights and demand fair compensation, leading to tangible reductions in the pay gap in some regions.

On a broader scale, closing the gender pay gap benefits economies by tapping into the underutilized potential of female talent. It stimulates economic growth and productivity as more women enter the workforce and contribute their skills and expertise. Additionally, greater income equality enhances household financial stability, which has positive ripple effects on communities and society.

In essence, International Equal Pay Day serves as a catalyst for change, driving progress towards a more equitable and inclusive world where gender should not determine one's earnings.

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