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Forging Economic Sovereignty: BRICS+ Unified Currency Vision

Should Biden Be Worried?

By David SnamPublished about a month ago 5 min read

Iran and Russia are collaborating to create a unified currency for BRICS+ nations, aiming to reduce dependence on the US dollar and foster economic cooperation within the BRICS framework.

Background of the Unified Currency Initiative

Iran and Russia are actively collaborating to establish a unified currency for the BRICS+ nations, marking a significant milestone in economic cooperation. The announcement of this groundbreaking initiative was made by Iranian Ambassador to Russia, Kazem Jalali, during the "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum" in May 2024. Jalali's emphasis on reducing dependency on the US dollar highlights the strategic importance of this move, aiming to enhance financial stability and foster robust economic ties among the BRICS countries.

This initiative holds the potential to reshape the financial landscape within the BRICS framework and strengthen the economic foundations of the member nations. By working together to create a unified currency, Iran and Russia are laying the groundwork for more seamless and efficient cross-border transactions, promoting greater financial integration among the participating countries.


Significance of Diminishing US Dollar Dependency

The plan to create a unified currency for BRICS+ nations carry immense significance in reducing reliance on the US dollar for trade and financial transactions. By moving away from the dominant position of the US dollar, the initiative aims to establish greater economic independence and resilience among the BRICS countries. This strategic shift not only diversifies the currency options within the BRICS framework but also serves as a countermeasure to the influence of the US dollar in global economic dynamics.

The long-term benefits of diminishing US dollar dependency extend beyond the financial realm, contributing to the broader goal of promoting economic sovereignty and stability among the BRICS nations. As these countries seek to strengthen their economic partnerships and reduce external vulnerabilities, the unified currency initiative emerges as a proactive step towards achieving financial autonomy and enhancing cooperation within the bloc.

Key Discussions at the KazanForum


The "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum" served as a pivotal platform for in-depth discussions on the unified currency initiative for BRICS nations. During the forum, experts and policymakers engaged in detailed conversations regarding the implications, benefits, and challenges associated with transitioning away from the US dollar towards a unified currency system. The exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts at the KazanForum aimed to establish a robust framework for the implementation of the unified currency, fostering closer economic integration and financial cooperation among the BRICS countries.


The KazanForum facilitated a constructive dialogue on the practical aspects of transitioning to a unified currency, addressing key considerations such as currency exchange mechanisms, regulatory frameworks, and the technological infrastructure required to support the new financial paradigm. Through these discussions, the participating nations laid the groundwork for a transformative shift towards greater financial harmonization and mutual prosperity within the BRICS framework.

Iran's Strategic Objectives in BRICS

Iran's active participation in BRICS reflects its strategic objectives of mitigating the adverse effects of US sanctions on its economy. By engaging with key global players like China and Russia within the BRICS framework, Iran aims to strengthen its economic ties and diversify its trade partnerships, reducing its vulnerability to external economic pressures. The unified currency initiative aligns seamlessly with Iran's broader international economic strategy, emphasizing the importance of building resilient economic alliances and fostering sustainable growth in a challenging global environment.

As Iran navigates the complexities of international trade and finance, its involvement in BRICS signifies a proactive approach towards securing its economic interests and promoting financial stability in the face of geopolitical uncertainties. By leveraging the opportunities within BRICS and aligning its objectives with the collective goals of the bloc, Iran positions itself strategically to enhance its economic resilience and expand its influence on the global stage.

Advantages of the Blockchain-Based Payment System

The development of a blockchain-based digital currency payment system within the BRICS framework represents a significant leap towards enhancing the security and efficiency of cross-border transactions. By leveraging blockchain technology, the new payment system offers enhanced security features that ensure the integrity and transparency of financial transactions among BRICS nations. The implementation of blockchain-based solutions not only strengthens the cybersecurity protocols within the financial ecosystem but also streamlines the processes involved in international payments, reducing processing times and operational costs.

With the introduction of a blockchain-based payment system, BRICS countries are poised to revolutionize the way cross-border transactions are conducted, paving the way for a more secure, seamless, and cost-effective financial infrastructure. The adoption of innovative technologies like blockchain underscores the commitment of BRICS nations to embracing digital transformation and harnessing the potential of emerging financial technologies to drive economic growth and financial inclusion within the bloc.

Implications of the Unified Currency on Global Trade

The termination of the use of the US dollar for mutual trade within the BRICS bloc carries significant implications for global trade and geopolitics. By transitioning towards a unified currency system, BRICS countries challenge the long-standing dominance of the US dollar in international commerce, signaling a fundamental shift in the existing financial order. The move towards a singular currency within BRICS not only reshapes the dynamics of intra-bloc trade but also has wider repercussions on the international financial landscape, potentially altering the balance of economic power and influence on a global scale.

As BRICS nations navigate the complexities of transitioning to a unified currency system, they confront a range of challenges and opportunities that could reshape the contours of global economic governance. The introduction of a unified currency opens new avenues for economic cooperation and trade facilitation among member nations, fostering deeper integration and mutual prosperity within the BRICS framework. By redefining the financial architecture of the bloc, the unified currency initiative sets the stage for a more interconnected and resilient economic ecosystem that transcends traditional boundaries and paves the way for sustainable growth and development.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of Iran and Russia to create a unified currency for BRICS nations represent a watershed moment in economic cooperation and financial integration. Through the strategic initiative announced at the "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum," these nations underscore their commitment to fostering economic stability and reducing dependency on the US dollar within the BRICS framework. As the unified currency project gains momentum, it holds the promise of transforming the financial landscape of the BRICS bloc, ushering in a new era of enhanced cooperation and mutual prosperity among member nations, looking ahead, the implementation of the unified currency system is poised to shape the future of global trade and economic governance, offering a blueprint for sustainable growth and resilience in an increasingly interconnected world.

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