Is this app legit or a scam?


Earning money by taking surveys online is the new craze. They are an easy way to make some pocket change while sitting around. But with so many websites and apps, it is hard to figure out which ones are legit and what ones will waste your time.

Cash - NOT Points

That's right! InboxDollars will actually write you a check for the money you earn and they don't confuse you with a point system. Many sites will give you points for the surveys you do which can be turned in for gift cards or other awards. While it may be satisfying to see thousands of points on your account, the reality is that most survey sites pay you very little for the points you earn. You may spend days earning just a few cents. InboxDollars makes it easy to keep track of the funds in your account. They are known as one of the highest paying sites. They offer anywhere between $0.10 to $5 on a single survey. They also have multiple ways you can earn, making those pennies stack up quick (although you may wish they stacked up quicker to the $30 you need in order to request payment).

What to I have to do to earn money?

InboxDollars has multiple ways to earn cash.

The most common way people do this is through taking surveys. As I stated earlier, surveys generally range anywhere from $0.10 to $5. I personally have received many surveys all varying in payment. This said, I have found that most tend to be around $0.25. This is still not bad considering you usually are given multiple surveys a day.

If you are not qualified for a survey (which is determined in a pre-survey so you don't waste too much time) you do not completely lose out on payment. You are not given the payment you would have gotten for completing the survey, but you will receive spins on "Billy's Spin & Win." You spin the wheel for the chance to win bonuses on your next survey pay, instant cash, or "scratch & win" credit (which will be addressed next). I have found that I tend to win the "scratch & win" credit almost every time. You can store up to 100 spins and spin a max of 20 times a day. Personally, I do not get the point of the limit of how much you spin each day. It can be especially annoying because after a while they can add up quick.

At the top of your screen you will notice a bar with dollar signs along it. This is your "scratch & win" meter. You can choose to cash out your credit for an online scratch ticket at any of the dollar sign markings. As you will notice, there are three levels. Each level will give you a chance to win more cash. The longer you wait, the bigger the prizes (or so they advertise). I will be honest—I have never earned more than a few cents off of these. That being said, this is the most passive way to earn money. You earn credit towards these tickets through "spin & win," using InboxDollars' search engine, or watching videos. InboxDollars' TV has multiple channels to choose from. Pro Tip: You can also let videos play in additional tabs when using your computer. That's right! I'm earning credit right now! Just make sure you check up on it once in awhile as it occasionally will ask if you are watching.

The quickest way to earn money through InboxDollars is through their deals. You can earn more cash (up to $20 for some deals) signing up for services or downloading a game associated with the site. Be careful what deals you accept and what you sign up for though. I found that many of the sites they recommend are unreliable or sketchy.

InboxDollars will also send you paid emails a few times a week. All you have to do is hit the confirm button and you'll earn quick cash or "scratch & win" credit. Of course you can also complete the deals offered in the email for more cash. While this is an easy way to earn, it can fill up your email quick.

What kind of surveys do you do?

InboxDollars is a third-party site that is hired by research agencies or companies to recruit survey participants. They work with a variety of groups, meaning that every survey is different. I have taken many different kinds of surveys, from telling how I feel about ads to going on a virtual reality shopping trip. Each survey also varies in length. InboxDollars tells you the pay and approximate length for every survey before you take it. This makes it easy to choose how much time you want to spend on the surveys and compare the pay. Before you take any surveys, InboxDollars will have you fill out three of their surveys to help them match you to their partners'. You will get paid $5 just for doing this. One thing that has annoyed me is that even after doing these, I still get matched to surveys that I do not qualify for. Some of the surveys ask random questions based on what they are studying which is understandable. But for some, I was told I was unqualified after being asked only questions that were on my profile already. I would also like to warn you against attempting to lie in order to qualify. InboxDollars keeps track of inconsistent responses and your account may be banned. Most of the surveys also have questions to ensure that people are not just randomly answering. Companies base big decisions off of these responses so they expect serious answers.

InboxDollars Verdict

This is definitely nothing to quit your job over. But the reality is, this company is high paying and more truthful than most survey websites that claim that you'll get rich (at least in my opinion). It is a good way to pass time and make money when you have nothing else to do. They seem to respond to issues and credit your account quickly. However, it can take a lot of time to gain money and their frequent emails may get annoying. As with everything, you'll get what you put into the site. Everyone has their own experience. Personally, I think this is a site to check out.

Happy earnings!

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