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I'm Moving South with my Family

My new City

By Casimiro Filipe Published 2 years ago 5 min read

After having had the two biggest losses of my life in little more than 3 months, I believe that now is the time to turn a page, I am leaving the North and going south to experience new horizons and enjoy the time I still have left before God.

During my 28 years, I have lived in the north, both in Angola and elsewhere, the north has always been the place where I lived, now I seriously believe that moving will be better for me and my family. I believe that changing angles sometimes helps to improve the way we live and how we relate to other people. 99.9% of my relatives live in the capital of the country and that consequently is in the north. The loss of my mother in October 2021 and of my brother ten days ago seriously affected me, especially my psychological condition; I never felt as bad as I do now, I never felt as shaken and bewildered as I do now. I know that one day this will pass, but now the north brings me strong memories about them, I can't concentrate sometimes, last week I almost hired a psychologist, it is not easy and I believe that it is time to leave.

Did I make this decision because of the problems I went through?

No, my plan to move has been a long time coming, I have a dream to live in 15 cities in Angola before I leave Angola, and among them, this city I am going to will be the third city. Today I feel that I should go as soon as possible because the memories don't let me rest; I know this may sound like a vent, yes, I am full, it was very hard to face this in a short time. It's not easy to face this, I have already canceled several lives that were going to go out already at the end of this month and the beginning of the next month, I am seriously thinking about how I will do the next jobs from now on, and I also believe that if after the move the memories start to be still very strong in my mind, then I won't be able to spend any more in the other places; immediately me and the family will move out.

This may all sound absurd or exaggerated to many, but to me, it is not. I am talking about the woman who had me and the first child she had, practically the one who would be our father for the family problems we would have soon. When I say problems I am talking about engagements, weddings, or events where the ultimate responsible person would have to be our older brother. Unfortunately, he is gone and there is no way to have him in all the happy moments to come.

Advantages and Disadvantages of My Move

I believe that there is no disadvantage to this change, after all, I am in Angola and can survive anywhere in the world. the difference in culture between the cities that I am leaving and the one I am going to now will not affect my life much, maybe my family will mind a little bit about all this, but I believe that they will also like it.

I am leaving a city with 912,000 inhabitants and going to a city with more than 2 million inhabitants, but this won't be any problem either. Of course, I love small towns, I love the peace, it inspires me and keeps me focused on my work and increases my productivity gradually, but I believe that this will not affect me, not least because there are green pastures in every town in Angola.

Losing my mother and brother has shaken me greatly, but I hope to overcome these bad days as soon as possible and run after the things I am used to doing. I feel sorry for those who didn't know how to take advantage of me while I was close because I suspect that from now on I will be moving even further away, (I speak in distances of kilometers).

What are My Future Plans in this New City?

Create a Youtube channel to share some vlogs with some friends from Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenia, Namibia, and Rwanda. We are building a community of crazy Youtubers who show things from their country and explain in a forum how fun it is. I believe this is going to be one of the plans that I will bet on in the coming months. And of course, the channel will be 99.99% English based and 0.01% in various other languages.

Why did I make this decision?

I didn't decide on my own, the idea came from a friend in Ghana who came out as one of the top influencers in Africa for the year 2021, and asked me if I would like to be part of a fun group that travels around Africa and some parts of the world interviewing tribes to find out curiosities about humanity daily. I loved the idea so I started this personal project to see if I can focus my mind on something else and not only on charts and market and currency movements.

So I am moving south and I have never been more hopeful for this movie. You can expect news from me when I get there soon.


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Casimiro Filipe

Startup Entrepreneur, Investor, Content Writer, YouTube Business Influencer and Podcaster.

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