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What if We Do As Tim Denning Does?

Amateurs Have a habit of doing it and showing it the wrong way

By Casimiro Filipe Published 2 years ago 4 min read
Tim Denning on Facebook

"Amateurs love to show evidence in pictures to show what they are doing and earning as if they owe some explanation to what people think. Tim Denning Recommends something better for creators.

Rarely have we seen creators like Tim Denning, Darius, or Jessica Wildfire showing prints of their huge successes. Could it be that they don't want to lure us with the millions they collect? No, that's not the point, the level of creation they have reached doesn't allow them to do such a thing anymore. It is important that from time to time we have to make some clippings of what we are talking about or recommending to our audience, after all, we need to show them that we are really doing such a thing, but when you reach a certain level of professionalism, images no longer determine how your credit is embodied in front of the public.

If Denning says go for it, the audience will, and I'm not just talking about audiences like small and recent creators in the market like me and maybe you who are reading this, I'm talking about gurus, writing, and content creation geniuses.

Yesterday, Denning made an interesting post on Twitter where he said the following, "...Never write anything online because you're worried about what people will say..." "Writing online will not make you rich. Writing every day for years will make you. "

Tim's posts made me understand that it doesn't matter how much you go on producing, or you go on getting an audience, or else your engagement goes down. The important thing is for you to stay focused, keep doing what really matters, work, because it's working that comes the consequence (money). Never write anything online because you are worried about what people are going to say, going around stuffing your articles with proof of image clippings or videos, are not going to define what you really are or are doing. "Credibility is accentuated not in showing evidence, but in how hard you actually work to do what you are doing. "

Do You Write Online worried about what people will say about you? Then change your course, write because you are building a Side Hustle that can give you time in gathering more resources for your own personal health, financial health, and even fresh ideas for a new business. Build a professional standard, not a fan of illusion to please a certain group of people who want to speak well of you if you write what they want you to write.

I once wondered why Tim Denning needed to write every day, all year long. Yesterday he gave the answer via a simple Tweet, not knowing that anyone had wondered about it. If you go to evaluate, all Medium's Millionaire Writers, write every day, all year round.

What If We Do As Tim Denning Does?

If we want to reach far and step on big stages, we must follow exactly the footsteps of those who have already gotten there and walked the same path, and not follow the nuances of people who only demand results but don't know how that result causes hard work.

Who is Tim Denning anyway?

Despite being a writer of millionaire habits, he himself is a senior millionaire in the field of written content. A writer on Personal Help, Personal Finance and Writing Tips, Denning is an Australian who owns a massive audience on LinkedIn and Medium, has collected over half a billion hits on his written content. He like many other powerful creators in the business, make a difference with top-notch and unparalleled content. It's always important to keep an eye out for the tips Denning shares on his social media because they can change the way we create our content, or even how we distribute our investment fund across portfolios on the web.

Recently Denning has become a big advocate of web3 where he hard invests most of his income with his writings. Without exaggeration or fanaticism, Denning is a legend in the creation of written content. Although he is not followed by millions on all social networks, Medium and LinkedIn totally Define His Success, it is there where he attracts most of his audience spread across the web and does not stop training thousands of young people interested in his creativity.

Writing may be a purpose or even a dream for some, but it can't be what people will say about us that will define how we share our content within the Web. Don't forget, your content has a lot of value and doesn't need to be published based on what people will say about you.


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Casimiro Filipe

Startup Entrepreneur, Investor, Content Writer, YouTube Business Influencer and Podcaster.

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