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Hygge Short Stories Vol. 1

by The Vocal Creators Chronicle 10 days ago in literature

A collection of Small Adventures and Moments of Joy. FREE to read. Brought to you by the Vocal Creator's Chronicle.

There's nothing like a short fiction to boost your mood. Settle into your favourite Hygge space and relax with these.

One Fine Day, My Love

"She had learned the hard way that material things are no guarantee of happiness. The shiny new husband she had acquired as a young woman had brought her nothing but heartache and debt. While dreaming of her future, Margo had asked her father for advice. "Marry a doctor," he'd replied.

As bluntly as that.

No "Aim for the stars," or "Try out STEM." It was 1985 and being the good, Catholic eighteen-year old she was, she'd obeyed. She had married young, tried and failed to have children, and when her husband had graduated med-school, he had left her for another woman."

The Package Joy Club

"Tuesday was now the one day of the week when the four friends would forget about the chores of their respective jobs in a coffee shop, a grocery store, a care home and a drive through because all of it was insignificant compared with the delight of anticipation the Package Joy Club brought for them.

Every Tuesday waiting for them at home would be a mysterious package. Typically it would be wrapped in brown paper and tied up with coloured string. Who sent the packages they had no idea, they only knew that they seemed to know just what they wanted, just when they needed it."

Aunt Macy

""I remember the day you were born. How truly amazing that was. Of course, I knew already. I saw it in the stars; the constellations spoke to me, and they said you would be something special."

My Aunt would tell me this each and every birthday. Or, she would sprinkle it in throughout the years, taking the occasional break on a humid summer evening to show me the night sky and what the universe had to say.

"It speaks, Little Wolf; you just have to know how to listen.""

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First published January 10, 2021 by The Vocal Creators Chronicle.


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